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by Terry McInerney
March 15, 2003

Mercury, Oh Mercury. Where for, art thou Mercury? We miss you dearly. There you were, right in our back yard. And we couldn't resist you. That Golden Gate beckoned. We longed to sail under her on a ship of your stature, in daylight of course. But you teased us. You took too long to get ready then raced by in the dark of night, right in the middle of our salads. Ah, but you knew your charms would salve our disappointment. You knew we would be easily swayed by your beauty, your aromas, your vistas, your fresh grilled hot dogs. But we digress...

...In the beginning there was that extra long embarkation, so close yet so long before we could board you. But board you we did, in just under two hours, foreplay much longer than we're used to really. But then...Paradise! You looked just as good as you did when you were younger. You looked brand new even!

A wonderful staff all around. Daniel and Jose took extra good care of us in our cabin. And Sen and Erica made our dinners a delight. Oh ye, do not be swayed by slight cuisine quips. We who have also dined far and wide know a wonderful meal when we see, smell, and taste one. Your divine courses seem to be missing now at home. The soups, superb. The salads so tasty. And the entrees we looked forward to all day long. And the desserts, well, well, six pounds more are we for we could not resist. The best dining in memory.

The muse drew us in. Truly the finest singers we've heard on the seas in some of the best shows. And a brand new cast at that. Chills down our spine for Le Miserable. It doesn't happen often. String quartet, acapella singers, dance band and orchestra all for our pleasure. Though the specialty violinist too loud, the talent apparent.

We shall not forget the Fun Factory, nor shall Christian at three. Hurrahs for Lorena and Mal and all the rest. You gave us rest. Many thanks.

Oh the places you took us Mercury, a bit rough dear at times. Your creaks and moans assured us a stop in the morn. See the fish in Monterey, an astounding aquarium indeed. Find the dragon seahorse and let your amazement flower. An e-ticket ride to Catalina and back, on a rocky rather than tender. But this island can be fun. And oh Cabo, you warm and sugary beach you, with water so clear. We needed you.

Yes Mercury, we noticed your new dress. Your re-branding touches made us ever so close. Correct clothes did we all wear; champagne to greet us; lemon, punch and tea libations to quench our thirst always available; sorbet shared with all in the afternoon. And ice cream tempting from 12 until 6.

But Mercury, we cannot be called unobjective. We noticed things....to be improved a bit. Getting on as you know, getting off not so bad. Unfilled tenders waiting whilst numbers are not called and the crowd sits in the theatre. Cold, cold pools. Get some heaters if you please. Turn that violin volume down and let Samantha's talent shine. Please invite a few more guests in their 20's-40's. We'd like some company in the beautiful disco. These are but a few requests. Pray do not be offended.

Mercury, Oh Mercury. Where for art thou Mercury? We were off and home by 11:30. As if by some miracle. No plane did we catch. No airport did we dread. Please stay Mercury. Please come back. We love you.