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by Steve
Southern Caribbean
March 9, 2002

Just got off from my very first cruise on the Infinity. It was excellent.

Getting on board ship was easier than I thought. We arrived early at about 1:00 PM. It took about 10 minutes total(including stopping for free rum punch at the duty free liqour store) to get from our taxi to our stateroom. It was a very easy process for early arrivals. We did stop at the duty free liquor shop before getting on board and slipped some rum and a 6-pack of coke (because it's cheaper than on board) into our carry on bag. We got on board no problem.

The overall trip was great. No real complaints. One thing we did not realize was the dinner seating assignments. We thought we had late seating but realy had LATE SEATING WAITLIST. There was a huge waitlist for late seating and they did switch our dinner time mid-week. We actually kept early seating because we liked our dinner companions so much. That makes the trip.

There were not many hidden costs on board. Naturally all alcohol was not free($4.50-$6.50) for the average beer or mixed drink. Soda is about $2.25 per can so if you have kids ask about the soda card. It costs around $34.00 for unlimited soda for the week. Also the Cova Cafe coffee bar was extra but a great place for cappacino(about $2.50 for non alcoholic coffee.)

The Aquaspa was amazing. I am not big spa person but my wife and I had a couples massage and it was incredible. The ultimate cruise experience. All spa treatments of course cost extra. The first day on board they offer a free tour of the Aquaspa and show you each room and explain all of the treatments. The Thallosotherapy pool is however free. I read that when the ship first sailed it was an extra fee but that is NOT TRUE anymore. The thalosotherapy pool is an incredibly relaxing saltwater pool with massaging beds. I highly reccomend it.

All of the food on board was excellent. A wide range of choices. Dinners were very gourmet and delicious. I have to admit though, being a pizza junky, that the gourmet pizza bar was my favorite. There is definately something for everyone. There is litteraly something different every hour from pasta of the day, hot dogs and burgers to filet mignon. Also the 24 hour room service is absolutely free and excellent. We ordered breakfast in our room on days we had early shore excursions.

The best shore excursion we experienced was Scorkel(formerly called Snuba). If you ever wanted to try Scuba diving you will love this. The only difference from scuba diving is that it the air tank stays on a raft above water. You have a regular mask and mouthpiece with an air tube about 18 feet long. This is not helmet diving, which we originally thought when we saw the picture in the excursion booklet. We dove down 18 feet to the ocean floor and swam around a sunken ship. AMAZING!

A note on motion sickness.

There are FREE motion sickness pills at the Guest Relations desk. They have Bonine. It did not make me drowsy and I did drink alcohol while taking it.

This was my first time on a ship. Everyone told me that you do not feel a thing when at sea. Not true. You do feel movement. I think the first night we hit some rough water. It was nothing that dramatic but I felt slightly queasy because of the side to side movement. It did not seem this bad all week. The full day at sea actually was fine. I did not feel a thing. Overall it really is not bad but your body does realize that you are moving.

Disembarkation from the ship was easy also. On the last day they serve an early breakfast and call passengers by group to disembark. It was a smooth process. We ate breakfast and took a nap by the pool until we were called(you have to leave your room by 8am). We walked right of the ship, through customs and were escorted to taxi. Our flight was not until 4:40 PM but they do let you check your bags several hours early if you came from a cruise ship. This freed us up for our long airport wait which really was not so bad(there are several cocktail lounges at San Juan Airport.)

Overall the trip was excellent. If you are going on Infinity you will love it.

If you have any questions you want to ask a first time cruiser please ask.