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Celebrity GTS Infinity

by John Able
August 14, 2009

How is a guest supposed to sleep with six men pounding heavy tools outside the stateroom all night long, night after night? In terms of value for the money (over $5,000) this cruise was a terrible experience. (I previously cruised on Royal Caribbean and had a wonderful experience.) My research into Celebrity Cruises indicated that Royal Caribbean purchased this line to give customers a "more luxurious" experience. This effort appears to be a miserable failure. The Celebrity ship was not as nicely appointed as the RC ship. The food was not as good, and the selections were not as extensive. There were maintenance and cleanliness issues within the cabin.

The biggest disappointment,however, was that for two consecutive nights a maintenance crew worked directly over our stateroom, and several others, scraping up and relaying carpet. This prevented guests from being able to sleep for two consecutive nights from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM. It is difficult to imagine something that could have a more adverse impact on the experience of guests. But, for good measure, the Infinity features a crew of members who were rude, inattentive, lacked basic knowledge of the ships services, made poor decisions about where to offer services, failed to enforce rules for the safety and comfort of all guests, and were disrespectful to guests.

At the highest levels it was clear that the guest relations staff was absolutely indifferent to any and all of these issues. Royal Caribbean should be ashamed of the Celebrity Cruise line. Without a major restructuring in quality management, it is inevitable that this line will weaken Royal Caribbean's standing in the industry. As disappointing as our cruise experience was, the parent company should be equally disappointed in the failings of the Celebrity Infinity.