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by David Starkey
September 7, 2001

After 6 previous sailings on Celebrity ships, I thought I knew what to expect on the Infinity. To my disappointment, the food, service and overall design of the vessel hit a sour note. While I admit from land and sea the vessel looks beautiful. The ship also has some of the smoothest and vibration free 'rides'of any ship thatI have sailed in the last 30-35 cruises.To me the ship has "no personality" or "warmth". Several of the longstanding Celebrity crew made the same observation. The food was not up to Celebrity standards both in quality and limited selection in buffet areas.

Dinning room service was beyond slow and it wasn't just our waiter.It took us the whole meal time just to get the main meal.(waiter said he had been with the line for 9 years, but thats hard for me to believe). My major dissatisfaction along with the food was our cabin. The layout was so poor that when the lower beds were open you had to walk on top of the beds in order to get to the bathroom. Our stateroom was not a suite, but a deluxe outside with a balcony and the price tag wasn't cheap. Even when the beds were made up, space was minimal and the whole setup was poor. (we had 4 people in this cabin)and never had problems on the Mercury, Galaxy and other older ships of Celebrity.

I will be looking forward to my Galaxy cruise to New England in late May/early June and know the ship will be more to my liking.