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by James Marta
South America
January 16, 2005

I would take exception to another passengers review for this trip as I found the Infinity less than perfect as a cruise boat on our trip from Valpariso to Buenos Aires. First, when arriving on the boat our room had been poorly cleaned with fingernail clippings on the carpet, shower dirty, no drinking water or ice, and our luggage arrived to our room well after dinner time. One of the shiip's officers indicated, when asked, that 700 persons had gastric upset and diarrhea during the two week voyage. Even our server was ill, as were half of our eight person table. The food was good looking but not tastey. After hours food was marginal at best. The menus, were which were apparently used many times, had food spots on them.

The enterainment was excellent with very high energy dancing shows. The venue around Cape Horn was terrific-- with the ship going completely around the Cape from the Beagel Channel and then back to the Atlantic. It made the ttrip worth it. We had purchased our transfers from Celebrity which should have taken into account that our plane didn't leave for 12 hours after we were deposited at the airport. You could, of course, purchase an additional shore excursion for $100 per person to take up part of the time. I think that the ship should rate a 3, not a 5 1/2 . This was the seventh cruise I have taken, on three different cruise lines, and only the most attractive of venues would cause me to take Celebrity again. I was disappointed.