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by Frank Kosidlak
South America
January 31, 2005

Let me start by answering the question , Would I do it again .. The simple answer is Maybe .But I do need to say that my previous experinces on the Century and Mercury ships maqy have spoiled me

Embarkation was a disaster : There were winds in the port of Bueones aires , that caused a need to move the ship . The Celeberity staff were not helpful at all in explaining the issue or the time frame to board . We all understood the saftey issue
and the need to move the ship But ... The staff could have done many parts of the boarding process while we waited in line for 3-4 hours Instead we all waited while the ship was moved .. I.E. Have a staff member pre check passports for Visa's .. Insure all passengers had their paperwork ready and explain the process of what we need to do once the line could start moving .. Instead most associates sat in their booths waiting for someone to give them direction.

There was not a sign or announcement that we could hear as we waited outside in the LONG ::: LONG line ( we were supposed to get priority boarding .. when we asked how that would be handled , we were told "that went out the window hours ago !!!
We had booked a concierge level room ( big waste of $$)

I mentioned how we were spoiled on the Century class were the equivelent rooms had Great sunny balcony's to enjoy when the crowds at the pool became too much .. or to enjoy on a starlit nite ...Well on the Infinity you concierge class room has a balcony that is well under a "roof" ( the deck above) .. that not only does not allow the sun shine or stalight to shine in .. But actually has Girders sticking out causing an obstructed view !!! I wuld never have booked this room If I knew the limitations .

Concierge class also boasts Fresh flowers and fresh fruit in your room each day .. By the middle of the cruise the fruit was Literally Moldy and rotten ( the cabin stewart said he would stop bringing it because it was Poor quality ) .. and the flowers were only replaced when they were Brown and decayed .. The ports of call were good and the Shore excursions were well organized and worthwile..

Our ship was the only one in port for Carnival in Rio we found that to be an "intresting" experince but do not need to EVER see again .. We felt were were ripped of a bit as we were in A reserved section .. well the people in from of us ( not cruising with us - on their own from the US ) paid 180 pp less that us to attend and were in our reserved section !!.

The captain of the ship was no where to be found .. He made only a cameo apperance at the "welcome " party in the theater and an even shorter visit to the captains club party .. ) hmmm lets see he's the captain and lasts 5 mins at the party ) ..
We are now planning two future cruises and are waiting for a response to our Issues from Celebrity .. We will see if we can continue our relationship , or move on to another cruise line ... Its up to Celebrity to restore our confidence .. as of today we have heard nothing .. Oh well ...