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by James Davies
Western Mediterranean
August 24, 2007

Do not, repeat not, sail with this cruise line. They present themselves as making customer satisfaction their number one priority. This is the opposite to the truth.

Our cruise of the Mediterranean aboard the Galaxy, leaving Rome on August 24, 2007 was a disaster. On most days were were met with non-functioning toilets in our stateroom and when they were working they were often foul-smelling. Water frequently dripped from the ceiling in the outside corridor and buckets were left for extended periods to catch that water. Complaints to Guest Relations were met with a mere "the engineering department has been called." On one occasion a staff member "helpfully" suggested that we could use the public washrooms -- at a time when there was a gastrointestinal outbreak and extra sanitary steps had to be taken! Requests to speak to the manager were met with "he's not working right now" rather than an offer to get him to call when he was on duty. Is this the Cruise Line's idea of a luxury cruise ship with luxury facilities?

What's worse though is the totally non-caring attitude of the corporate office in Miami. When we complained we were told it was "corporate policy" to offer no more than $300 compensation. In other words they are more concerned about being sued for more money by other cabins that were equally affected than genuinely caring about their customers' well being.