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Eastern Caribbean
December 18, 2004

Our 12 day was just OK, we had two cabins and had a big tab when we disembarked in Galveston. I had intended to book back to back cruises in Greece and Turkey this summer. But, I changed my mind due to several thinks that happened.

#1- The flower shop put old flowers in our cabins at a higher price than I agrred to. The flowers were dead the day after they arrived in our cabins. They are simply taking the flowers out of old arrangments and re-selling them. I was charged $100.00 instead of $70.00 I agreed to pay. Celebrity refused to do anything about this sitution.

#2- The room stewart keep throwing our receipts away. He also threw away a broken handel from our suitecase, which cannot be replaced. He also refused to speak to us and totally ingored us for the last two days of the cruise. The last day of the cruise he ordered us out of our two cabins which we refused to do.