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by Alice
Southern Caribbean
January 16, 2004

Yet another rave review for the Galaxy!! This was my 10th cruise, and the 3rd that my new husband and I had taken together. We were married last summer and had never taken a honeymoon so this was it, and what a great honeymoon it turned out to be.

I must tell you all that we are a "mature" couple, I at 51 and he at 65. But we found all ages well represented on this sailing which says a lot about Celebrity and her offerings.

I would agree that embarkation was the weakest point of the journey. That is not a plus for the cruiseline since the tone of a vacation is set from the very beginning. We had sailed 3 weeks earlier, also from San Juan, on Norwegian and had a much more positive embarkation experience. We also tried to upgrade, just like the travel agent, and were met with pretty much the same fate. But our cabin was quite adequate, although a balcony would have been a wonderful addition. Since the ship was not sold-out, I do think the cruise line could have been more accomodating regarding the fees for upgrades, which were ludicrous.

Other than that, pretty much everything else was perfect. The Orion dining room is gorgeous. We were seated on the upper level, right near the string quartet. Talk about romantic honeymoons. The ship is unbelievably clean. I even saw 2 men scrubbing the carpet on the stairs one morning!!!

Each morning we dined al fresco on the aft outdoor deck. I loved that the waiters carried our trays out for us. BTW, if you go, make certain to sample the freshly baked brioche and croissants, truly the best I've tasted outside of Paris!!!

As for the ports, ports are ports. In my mind, the islands are pretty much all the same. I, too, vote for doing your own thing. You can usually find a buddy or two that will chip in for a cab, which is a much cheaper and better way of seeing the island. Our plan is to hit a beach in every port. I'm not much of a shopper - figure I can do that at home, although we did shop in St Thomas, but only for 1 1/2 hrs in the AM.

I do have to say that we met a wonderful couple our first day out. And although we ate at different seatings, we managed to spend a great deal of time together. Since returning home, we've been emailing pretty much every day.

Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you want things to be exactly the way you like or what you are used to, stay home!!! Go with an open mind and view each trip as an opportunity to experience new things, try new foods, see new places and make new friends and you surely won't be disappointed.

Bon Voyage!