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by MCL
Eastern Canada
September 9, 2002

Our group consisted of nine people. Our boarding went very smooth. Since we were all Captain Club members we had no wait. Our cabins were were nice. Little smaller than on the Millenium or the Zenith. Our waiter and his assitant were terrific. The cabin steward was nice and helpful. The Assist Maitre De left a little to be desired. BUT here are some of the faults we found. The ports that the cruise went to left something to be desired, we would suggest you not not sign up for any of them unless you enjoy riding around and looking at houses and churches. We found the glasses and coffee cups had lipstick on them. The main seating was over crowded so that when we went to the shows we could not find a seat.

The cinema was so small that we could never get a seat to see a movie. The TV reception was very bad. It kept going in and out and making a popping sound. The ship was very shaky and noisy when we were coming or going out of port. When we played the games on ship they only gave out prizes when we were out to sea. Once the host of the game spoke and could not read English very well. To top off all of this when we returned to the pier to get our car it have something white all all over it that we had a hard time removing even after taking it to a car wash. Before we left on this trip we were wishing someone would write a review so it would help us. That is why we are writing this so if next year you think you would like this trip you might want to think about it before you sign up. We have been on 5 trips with Celebrity and found this ship to be not one of their best. But the food was good and we enjoyed our cruise because our group creates our own fun.