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by David G. Wagner
Western Caribbean
June 28, 2002

This was our (wife, myself and sons ages 14 & 15) 1st cruise ever. Embarkation in Baltimore was easy. We walked in and there was a line that moved quickly so within 10 miutes we were at the check in counter. They checked our tickets, birth certificates and picture IDs and gave us our sign and sail cards as well as a bording number. We were #8 and I thought we'd be forever but our # was called within the hour then we had about a 10 minute wait in line before we got to the front and had our picture taken and then we went outside and up the gang-plank and onto the Galaxy.

Our cabins were on the 5th floor and thats where we boarded so no steps to go up or down. I'm glad I choose the rooms I did because our hallway was about 5 times wider then the rest of the room hallways.

I won't go into alot of detail, my emai is available for any specific questions.

Everyone with Celebrity, from embarkation to debarkation, were wonderful. Our sons were treated like Kings, especially by our waiters. Pedro, our head waiter, should either be in management (my thought) or be in Playgirl (my wifes' dream). He made recommendations on certain items and each time we all loved it. After the 2nd night he's bring my oldest boy 3 deserts without David asking and of course David loved it. Carlos, our assistant waiter, kep my youngest sons cup filled with hot chocolate all he time. All the meals were unbelieveable and you MUST try the chilled soups. I was hesitant but they were the best soups I've ever had. Don't be afraid to try things you think you won't like, I don't care for spinach or tomato soup but, I tried things with spinachand tomato soup and was pleasantly surpised.

Now, the ship seems to have constant movement except while in port BUT, to me it was a positive. I enjoyed the feeling and no one that I know of got sick on the ship (all our seas were calm or moderate at worst).

Our ports were nice but even though I know most people love KEY WEST we didn't care for it. It seemed like a stinky fish village. The city street trash cans reeked throughout most the streets. I can say that the employees of the Shipwreck Museum put on a great little street routine everytime they start a new tour and since they do it outside it csts nothing to sit and watch.

We loved COZUMEL. It was the 1st time we had ever snorkled and what a beautiful and wonderful world it is under the sea, and Cozumel had the most beautiful water of any of our stops. After the excursion we chose to be dropped off at the town pier and what a great place it was, nothing like the boarder towns in Mexico I had visited in the past.

BELIZE was next and while the area the tenders drop you off at is nice the rest of Belize City seemed like a slum. We did the Cave Tubing and while it was nice it wasn't to us what others had built it up to be. I would suggest that you do an excursion though rather then just walk the city, our tour guide was outstanding and earned the $10 tip I gave him.

CoCo Cay (pronounced KEY according to the Galaxy Daily) was next and we loved it. Galaxy has you go to the Theater to wait and board their tenders. Get there early and get a tender #. While there are beach chairs for everyone you want to get one under some trees, trust me. The lunch was nice, hot dogs outstanding, burgers really good and the ribs tender but I didn't like their sauce. We rented snorkel gear here an I'm glad we did. They have a group of 6 stingrays that have taken up residence there and I was glad I got to see them. Also, they tell you to go to one of the towers out in the water and ask the guard to feed the fish. When he does you are surrounded by feeding fish, a super experience that we all enjoyed.

NASSAU came next and we didn't get to see much because we departed at 1 pm and our excursion lasted till 12:10pm. I really wish we had more time becaus what we saw was really nice and clean, unlike what people had told us (they said it was a dirty stop). Also their were some really great buys. We did the Dolphin Encounter and had the time of our lives. A really good thing was we boght a family picture, a video, 4 shirts, and a magnet and it only came to about $150, a lot less then expected.

The days at sea we loved by my wife the most but all of us kept busy with a very diverse schedule of events.

THE SHOWS were extremely good. I'd recommend not missing any of the production shows and as a hint, don't worry about the 'no cameras or flash photography allowed' warning, people took flash pictures from night one and nothing was enforced. I obeyed this rule until the last 2 shows and wish I would have taken photos at every show.

Disembarkation ran smoothly but, if you know you won't be getting off in the first 3-4 groups then I'd suggect grabbing a table in the Oasis Cafe because we were about the 6-7 tag color called and we didn't get off till about noon or a little later and the Cafe serves sandwiches and deserts from 10:30 to 11:30 for those still on board.

One last thing, don't expect the Oasis Pool rule of 16 and over only to be enforced, it never was on our cruise.

We loved the cruise and all the Galaxy folks we had contact with and we hated to leave the ship. As a touchng side story my 15 year old met a girl on board and is now heart broken for the 1st time in his life. It makes my wife and I feel sorry for him but also very happy because it's the 1st time he's felt these feelings, I'm sure we all reember our 1st feelings of love. They have already emailed each other and maybe he'll be able to visit in the future as she lives only about a 2hr and 15 minute drive away but to him it's a world away. We can't wait for our next cruise.