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by Darryl
Western Caribbean
April 26, 2002

We arrived around ten o.clock as we drove in from Ohio the night before. The terminal was easy to get to off of I-95. When we arrived in the parking lot we paid our fifty dollar parking fee (ten days) in advance and our luggage was put into containers right there in the parking lot and then we drove to a parking space. The shuttle bus came and we were taken to the terminal. (Yes they had a Terminal!) We checked in rather quickly and went upstairs to wait as they said they would have a concession up there shortly. ($1.50 cokes and $2.50 hot dogs cash) It was two o.clock before we were allowed to board and a celebrity attendant took us straight to our cabin. The cabin was more spacious than I imagined it would be. We were on the penthouse deck (10) amidships on the port side near the elevators and had our own private veranda (category 2) . The bathroom really surprised me, as it was a good size. I am a big man and at no time did I have the shower curtain stick to me. There was always plenty of hot water except that around 5p.m. It was hard to regulate as I think a lot of people were getting ready for dinner at the same time. We had main seating, which means we had dinner at 6.p.m. The service was extraordinary. Resat our waiter a young man from Turkey was superb, as was his assistant, Hana, a young lady from Czechoslovakia! The food was excellent! The desserts uhmmmmmmmmmmm! I had two almost every night. The menu was varied every night. I tried a lot of new- to- me dishes including frog.s legs and Escargot and quail. Fish of somekind and beef of somesort was offered every night.

We ate our breakfasts in the buffet on deck 11, as it was so close to us. Turn left into the buffet or right into the pool area. The buffet was well stocked with the usual breakfast food. You could get waffles as well or omelets made to order if you hunted for these stations as sometimes The pools were smaller than I thought they would be but we used them occasionally. They were very salty as they were of seawater. I thought the hot tubs were plenty hot but Karen didn't. The Galaxy is extremely clean! The ONLY exception was the Plexiglas on the veranda and around the deck windows on the pool level. I saw the window washing machine run several times and no water was coming out. There were silly games by the pool and always something going on somewhere. The entertainment I found to be good. The shows were mostly singing and dancing with the acrobats thrown in. (I especially enjoyed them). The comedian, Janine Gardener was great! She appeared two nights. I appeared in the Rendevous Lounge two different nights! Karaoke!!!!!! Everyone there seemed to have a good time. Five of us guys sang New York New York all of us not knowing each other and or the song . We received loud applause and a celebrity pin. Shore excursions- we did the helmet dive at Cozumel and it was fantastic! Put on a helmet attached to an air tube and walked on the floor of the sea 25-ft). for about 25 minutes. They also video taped you underwater and you may purchase the video.( NOT for the claustrophobic! In Beleze we did the cave tubing tour. The water was cold and Karen didn't like it. I enjoyed it even though a few times the water was shallow and I had to get off the tube and walk. They served us a delicious lunch.(chicken rice and a BOTTLE of Coca-Cola). (Belize is a poor country with Lots of crime. Not somewhere you want to get away from your group) CoCoCay was a fun little island .We did the waverunner experience and it was a great one. I had trouble handling the thing but eventually got going ok. While swimming and wading in the beach area I found a live large conch. I brought it in and showed Karen and some others and then returned it to where I found it. Nassau - We did some shopping and stayed close to the ship as we were only there six hours(arrived 6a.m.) Later in the day, after leaving Nassau the seas got rough and I had some seasickness .Didn't throw up but had vertigo. I stayed that way until the next night at dinner and I got to feeling better. Disembarkation- We had blue luggage tags and was able to leave the ship at around 11:30 after having arrived at port at 9:00. Found our luggage easy enough , a porter put it on the bus and the driver unloaded them and WE carried them a hundred yards to our truck. TENDERS- I should mention that I didn't care for them but were necessary at Belize and CoCoCay. We had to wait coming and going at both places. Please checkout all shore excursions on the net before you go. I got more information about them from the website than I did from the information on the ships television information channel. I only needed one wave runner not two. I paid for two people but they refunded the one as the fee was for PER WAVERUNNER not per person.

I would recommend this cruise for everyone.