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by Sarah
Southern Caribbean
January 11, 2002

I relied so heavily on online cruise and ship reviews to pick our trip that I could not wait to get home and put my opinions online for others to read.

I read the last couple of reviews for the Galaxy (one of which was written by someone on the same cruise as me and my husband) and the authors nailed it. The ship is beautiful, the staff are FANTASTIC, the scenery is breathtaking. What more could you want? I can't think of a single reason not to sail Celebrity, and indeed the Galaxy, again.

I, too, had come across some negative reviews on Galaxy involving staff quality, food quality and ship stability. Having never cruised before, I was most concerned with the latter, having no desire to spend a week of my vacation seasick. I made sure we had late seating at dinner (many complaints stem from the severe vibrations people feel while dining at early seating when the ship is leaving port) and got a cabin midship. We were in an indoor cabin on the lowest level (going with the notion that we wouldn't be in the cabin at all unless sleeping) and there were a few mild vibrations but nothing that either kept us awake or woke us up. I slept through the docking of the ship every morning.

As far as the other complaints, they were less worrying. Enough reviews touted the quality food. And the reviews about poor service all seemed to be written by people who live to complain. My husband and I had no problem with the service or the food. While the food was not the best I've ever eaten, it was amazingly good. Anytime anything was a little off, we'd just remind ourselves that a thousand other people were being served at the same time, and marvelled at how they accomplish this night after night. Deserts? Heavenly.

All of the staff we encountered, from our waiter and cabin attendant to miscellaneous bar staff and buffet attendants, were amazing. Every single person treated us as if they were there solely to help us.

We had a fabulous time, and are in the process of planning next year's cruise.