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by Leo Kebbell
Transatlantic Crossing
April 23, 2005

A Disappointment. After all the good reviews and ratings I had seen concerning this ship, it did not live up to expectations.

The worst aspect of the cruise was the lack of activities. There were no audience participation events or game shows in the evening - the only things to do were to eat and go to the theatre. The entertainers were OK and the shows mixed (one very good but others poor). Dancing was very limited because there was only one very small dancefloor which was in a poor condition. The only large dancefloor on the ship is in the large lounge taken over by Cirque De Soleil - this was not used at all during the day and at night became the disco - the Cirque de Soleil 'Experience' is a bit of a non-event, just 5 people in costumes trying to interact with the passengers.

Also poor was the buffet. There was only pizza and pasta in the evening, and at breakfast and lunch it was far too disorganized, resulting in a lot of waiting in line - the buffet staff were not very good either.

The cruise director and his assistant were noticeable by their absence, adding to the overall feeling of disinterest in the passengers.

The only things above average about the cruise were the restaurant service and the Thelassotherapy pool.

Other passengers who had sailed with Celebrity before told me that this cruise was not typical, but I will think twice before cruising with them again.