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by Vito
Western Mediterranean
July 9, 2010

I was a passenger on the July 9th departure date Celebrity Century cruise from Barcelona.

The attitude and efficeincy of the staff in the Islands cafe is a joke. Every visit for breakfast and lunch was a search mission. Coffee cups where available in one station but no coffee, walk to another station there is coffee but no milk, walk to the other station for cream. This was the usual. Lunch, go to the station for a cup and ice, no cups, so you walk to the other station there are cups but no ice, grab a cup walk to another station no ice. I will say by the last two days they did have a tub with ice placed at the stations but keeping them full was not handled very well at all. I went for toast the second morning, asking the toast attendent for toast, I walked over to get a tray and plate, was standing there waiting for my whole wheat toast and watched this man give my toast to someone else, his collegue noticed and asked him about my toast, to which he responded "I gave it away" with a "who cares"attitude. No apology, no words, nothing. I complained to the dutch individual who seamed to be in charge. But this attitude issue issue seemed to be the norm. I will say there were some very nice people working for you but the sour apples really leave a negative impression.

NOW the real slap in my face!! I walked up to the roulet table, as the dealer dropped the ball onto the wheel, I placed $50 dollars on the table and asked for a number. The dealer took my money and said she has to make change. In any casino I have been in they took my money made the change and placed it on the number. This dealer made the statement and with her hand on the money stared at me, I finally asked "WELL do I have a bet or not" with that question the wheel slowed down, with my money still on the table she turned and stared at the wheel as the ball dropped into the number I requested, she turned to me and said "no bet, sorry". This is the way third world operations run casino's. TO ALL READING THIS....STAY AWAY FROM CELEBRITY. Of course I complained to the director who apologized and offered me a Polo shirt, what a joke!

Your cruise line is a joke to say the least. I do not want your polo shirts or anything with your name on it because I will not contribute to your marketing plan. Particularly, since the attitude of upper management trickles down to the staff and the unfortunate passengers have to deal with it. I plan on booking more cruises in the future but your company will never be considered or recommended by me.