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by Sue Cosem
Western Caribbean
September 27, 2003

Just returned from a W. Caribbean cruise on Century. The cruise was generally enjoyable and the staff very attentive. There were a number of troubling situations I will make note of:

1. There is a charge of $20 dollars to use the jacuzzi in the Spa - $60 for the entire cruise!

2. There are 2 pools. One for children - one for adults. the adult pool is 7 - 8 feet deep and has no way of "walking in and walking out" so one has to climb the Vertical pool steps in and out. a lot of older folks can't use the pool because they acn't swim or they can't climb in or out. This should have been addressed LONG AGO!

3. My travel companion ordered a piece of Ham at Breakfast and was served 2 slices of SPAM - yes, SPAM - How is that possible?

4. I am diabetic and I wanted to eat fish - the fish was consistently dry and poorly cooked so I stopped asking for it.

5. At breakfast the pancakes and french toast were inedible each day they were ordered by anyone at my table.

I thought Celebrity was a "higher end" line - my experiences leave lots of questions which someone else may seek answers to - I will not travel on Celebrity again.