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by Kathy Kooiker
Eastern Caribbean
January 4, 2003

Just got back from a fantastic cruise on Century, although weather was rather cool (kept us from getting sunburnt!) It is a beautiful ship, great crew, excellent food and presentation. 21 year old daughter found a group of 15 or 20 (mostly girls) to hang out with - the few guys on board were in heaven. Most college age kids were traveling with their parents so the parents enjoyed being together as well. Meet lots of people and you will have a ton of fun! 14 year old daughter was disappointed not many her age on board, but since she was missing school that is to be expected. Lots of places she could not go after 11 as you had to be 18 at that time in the dance lounges. Photos are taken everywhere and are good but expensive. They do not offer any package deals like we had found before on Norwegian Cruise lines.

Ports of call recomendations - Jamaica was fine - heard nobody with problems although we prearranged with Peat Taylor tours on the internet which was great. Don't miss climbing Dunn's River Falls - awesome - you might want to try climbing it again after the first time if you have enough time. Grand Caymen port was closed due to rough seas so we were disappointed to miss that, but ship added more activities and there was no lack of things to do on board at any time! Cozumel we rented a jeep from Avis (you can do it over internet or right at the port - about $100 with insurance)and went to the San Gerviso ruins and then the beach - interesting but not as big as the ruins a couple of hours away. If you do it pay $20 for a guide for a group of 4-6 peope - we started without a guide and it made no sense so we went back and hired one with another family we met there. People who went on snorkeling excursions said it was fantastic. Key West we rented bikes for $10 a piece all day and rode all the way around the island, came back on board for lunch and then went shopping. Great prices and they will bargain. The further you get from the ship the cheaper things are - example: sarong for $12.00 in shop by ship, $10.00 a block away, $8.00 two blocks away and $5.00 three blocks away - exact same item.

If you like to be ready with clothes, they had a 50s sock hop night, 2 formal nights, a Tex Mex night and a Carribean night. Also water Olympics, Newlywed Game, twist contest, fantastic shows - the singers and dancers were amazing as was the theatre itself. If you have Dimitri for your waiter, say hi from the people who sang Happy Birthday to his 4 month old son for him! He is a great guy.