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by John S. Banks
Eastern Caribbean
April 6, 2002

Well just got back from the Century last Saturday and I'm still depressed I'm on dry Land. I thought I'd give a run down of what I liked and didn't like. I don't want to bore you with a travel saga.

Liked List

1. Joined Captains club. This gave us priority boarding and more importantly disembarkation. We got to the airport 2 hrs before some people on our boat which enabled us to get on a earlier flight going standby. It helped that some of those people I mentioned earlier missed their flight due to not getting off of the Ship soon enough. Best $35.00 I ever spent.

2. Cabin attendant. Similar to the Mercury our cabin attendant did a fabulous job. Our room was always clean and picked up, all thought I'm still having a hard time getting used to someone folding my dirty underwear. Gotta remember to pick that up.

3. Waiter & Bus Boy. This was the best waiter I've had on a cruise. Nevell is from India and did a fabulous job. Nevell was friendly, attendant, but not over bearing. The best thing was I could understand him.

4. Over all decor of the ship. Century is getting old and I've been told that it is going into dry dock at the end of the year. There were signs of wear and tear but on the things that really mattered it didn't show. No worn out sheets & bed spreads like I experienced on the Destiny last year. Century's staff kept her clean as a whistle.

5. Food. I think this is probably one of the most contested subjects I could find where people have completely different views. I really enjoyed the food on the Century. I read on a previous post that some one thought the food on Carnival was just as good as on Celebrity. After having sailed on both lines. Carnival's Destiny & Celebrity's Mercury & Century I've come to the conclusion that the individual who thought Carnival & Celebrities food was equal either thought going to Sizzler was as good as it get's or he had completely killed all of his available taste buds with to much booze. I'm wishing I had a big piece of beef and some of the salt crusted rolls and blue cheese right now.

6. We went to get a tour of the spa and we were the first to show up and they asked for a model to get a free manicure for the tours and so my wife got a free manicure.

7. Entertainment. The band that played on deck was good. Not as good as Voltz who was the band that played on the Mercury on my first cruise in Apr 2000, but much better than the band on the Destiny. The shows were good and I enjoyed the Ladder Guy. I saw him on the Mercury but still enjoyed it a second time and was even more impressed considering how bad the seas were.


1. High pressure sales pitches by the aqua spa staff. $90.00 for a brush and oil that will make your cellulite go away. "Give me a break".

2. Bad Weather. Just about everyone I talked to agreed that this cruise had the worst weather they had ever seen on a cruise with the exception of a few old Navy guys. The first 4 days were extremely rough seas and the shows had to be rescheduled due to the fact the dancers couldn't keep their balance.

As with all things a cruise is what you make of it. The Century is still a beautiful ship. She was clean. The staff was very helpful and kind with the exception of a few people in the Aqua Spa. Personally I'd save yourself a lot of cash and getting a massage right before & after your cruise at home. I didn't have a problem with any discourteous passengers and I loved our seating arrangement. We sat at a table of 8. My wife and I and my college room mate and his wife and 4 retired gentleman from Ft. Lauderdale. I truly believe that one of the best parts about a cruise is meeting new people. I had a great time.