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Carnival Victory
by Veronica
Western Caribbean
January 15, 2006

My family and I were long awaiting our trip on Carnival Victory. Eight of us, including myself arrived in Miami at 3:00 pm because of a delay in NY (American Airlines of course). Needless to say we were very nervous about missing the boat. Upon our arrival to the baggage claim, we were met by a Carnival rep who told us under NO circumstances could we wait for our luggage, we needed to be on the shuttle bus to the boat by 3:30 or they would leave without us with no refund. We were ASSURED that our luggage would get to us in our first port of call which was Tuesday in Costa Maya. We quickly made the decision to just leave our luggage and make due with what we had from Sunday to Tuesday. Once we arrived on the ship, everyone on the boat was calm and friendly and made it seem like we had all the time in the world (the boat didn't set sail until well after 4pm- plenty of time to get our luggage, I think).

Anyway, once we got on the boat we went to the pursers desk only to be helped by a group who didn't really seemed concerned with our situation. Upon explaining, we were informed that we would NOT get our luggage in Costa Maya because there are no nearby airports and we would have to wait until Thursday to get everything in Grand Cayman. Even then we figured we would make the best of it and try to purchase some items in Costa Maya and in the ship gift shop. Little did we know the gift shops didn't have any women's bathing suits or underwear! To make matters worse, we couldn't even stop in Costa Maya or Grand Cayman because of the rough waters. So when we asked what happens with our luggage since we could not stop in Grand Cayman, we were told it would be sent back to Miami and we can pick it up on our way back to NY on Sunday. One word can describe this vacation - nightmare!

At no time did any Carnival rep seem concerned or offer anything to help rectify our situation. To top it all off, the food on the boat was average, at best. I hardly ate during the day because the buffet was not appetizing most of the time. Sit down dinners were ok, I had snapper one night that was so fishy, I couldn't take one bite. The filet mignon the following night was better. All in all, even if I had my own luggage I would not cruise again. When people pay to see 3 ports and end up getting stuck on a boring boat for 5 days straight, I think they deserve more than a $25.00 refund!! What a disgrace, Carnival definately won't get my business again.