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Carnival Victory
by Lenore
Western Caribbean
April 13, 2003

This was absolutly the best vacation of a life time. from the moment we arrived it was nothing but fun. i thought i would be going on a well deserved relaxing vacation. but it was the complete oppissite. we partyed from geginning to end. we just let our self enjoy the non reality. it certently was a dream come true. the kids enjoyed it so much. i had a seperate adjoining room for the kids at a resonable price. and it was well worth it. getting the kids their ouw room was a big plus to this vacation. the weather was great. the ship was beautiful and the food wasn't bad either.

24 hour room service was one of the best conviences on this trip. we learned right away not to buy and excursions on the ship. you can do everything on your own for half the price. this certainely is a great family vacation. something to do for everyone. and you meet great people