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Carnival Victory
by Kaaren
Eastern Caribbean
December 15, 2002

For those who know the story about the lady who didn't have a passport or birth certificate-she didn't show. She lost $549.00.

Embarkation: Our bus was met by a Carnival Rep who wanted to see everyone's passports or birth certificates. There were a couple of people in our group of 54 who had copy of their birth certificate. They had to complete additional paperwork. What type of additional paperwork-I don't know. You start the process in the warehouse where you claim your luggage upon arriving in Miami after your cruise. From there one eventually ends up in the air condition terminal to check in. From there you go upstairs for you sail and sign card. Then you go to another floor to take a picture for your sail and sign card. A lot of walking. If you need wheelchair assistance let the rep know at the entrance of the warehouse and you bypass the line to check in. I did have a roller suitcase filled with water and coke. I had a bottle of wine wrapped in my son's jacket. I was asked to open the suitcase and what was in the jacket. I told the rep a bottle of wine and another rep came over and asked me why I had the wine. I told her a special occasion and she s smiled and said to have a nice time and to have a toast for them. By the way I carried the same bottle of wine back home. We left late due to someone having a head injury or sick. My son saw the ambulance transport the person off of the ship. I have no other details.

Carnival Victory: The ship is huge and very nice. Yes, it is green in the atrium. It isn't an overpowering green. The casino is very smoky. The walkway next to the casino is smoky. To get from the Spa deck to the Pacific dining room- take the elevator to the 5th floor and walk over then down two flights. The food in the dining room was good to me. Although, sometimes a person beef was tough, but you could send it back and get something else. Our waiter Domingo went beyond his duty. Every evening he asked if we were going to need a diner to go for my grandmother. A couple of time we took soup to her in addition to her entree. He found a cup for us for the soup. The waiter danced on the tables 3 nights. They danced on the table where they put the trays, not on the tables where you eat. The guests were encouraged to get on the tables to dance. The pizza and burgers were delicious. My son and I got our burgers from the grill. The Yangtze Wok is only opened 2 hours per day- 1200 - 2:30PM. It took us 3 days to catch it open. The spring rolls were delicious. I wasn't impressed with the desserts. I did love the Crème Brulee and Baked Alaska. If you don't like the cocktails that are being served during the cocktail parties ask for something else. My 10 y/o didn't do Camp Carnival. I had no problems with the Camp being on the Spa deck. I did have to tell a couple of kids on the Main Deck to stop running and making noise at 11:30 PM. They politely stopped. There is a slot machine called the Pigs near the cashiers cage in the casino-that machine was loose. I spoke with people who were on the Millie and Norway. The 40ish mother and daughter on the Millie stated that they were bored since their ship had a lot of older people on it. The person on the Norway stated that she was having a blast. The Victory had a good mixture of both young and old.

Staterooms: My cabin was located on the spa deck. One felt more motion the higher the cabin. It didn't bother me at all. The room has ceiling to floor windows-very nice. There were two adults and one child in my cabin we had more than enough space. There were two night stands and three closets. Also, we were able to push the suitcases under the bed. Also, we had a wheelchair and balcony chair for my grandmother to use while she bathe. We did clean the chair when she finished. My parents had a balcony cabin on the Panorama Deck. My cabin was larger than theirs. The inside cabins do not have sofa's as some shown in My cabin steward Galena was very nice. My grandmother who is very ill with pancreatic cancer shared a cabin with me. Galena worked around her and often asked how she was feeling. My grandmother stated that she often sat and talked with her while the group was at dinner and asked if she needed anything. She went beyond her duty and was tipped extra.

Tours: Don't do any tours in San Juan. Not worth the money since it is dark. I've been to San Juan 2 times before. My suggestion is to take a taxi downtown and shop. St. Maartin and St. Thomas. - didn't do any snorkeling like I wanted to. We were able to negotiate with taxi drivers at the dock and got a cheaper rate than on the ship. We paid $15.00 pp for tours. I did bring home Carnival's price list for the tours. In St. Martin- one can buy spices very reasonable priced. I did notice a lot of the vendors were not going to lower their price no matter how hard you tried.

Debarkation went fast. The only problem was getting out of the luggage area. On this cruise the porter stated that they started a new procedure and didn't like it. People were very impatient.