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Carnival Victory
by Chetsky
Western Caribbean
November 24, 2002

I have over twenty cruises under my belt so I know good from bad Here Goes - In a Word -
One Third Right - Two Thirds Wrong ! !
The right third -
The cruise was a typical Carnival Cruise - alot of wild kids, good entertainment and good value for the money But . . . .
The wrong two thirds - Getting on and getting off. What a joke ! We drive to Miami and parking has gotten nothing but worse ove the years but this time we parked close to terminal 10 - but still had to wait almost two hours to board.

Getting off was even worse intead of terminal 10 the ship docked at terminal 8 - 3/4's of a mile from my car! They did offer shuttle service but it was over a 1/2 hour wait and we took a taxi.

Carnival should take a lesson from RCL and Princess and figure how to get passengers on and off the ship without the hassles. Also RCL and Princess know how to treat their past passengers with perks other than the cursory Cocktail party.

I'm not bitter - just realistic Carnival is Carnival !