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Carnival Triumph
by Craig Currier
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July 18, 2009

Our cruise to Canada was the worst experience I've ever had cruising. This was my fourth cruise and the first with Carnival.

The worst thing about the cruise was the food. It was luke warm at best and usually cold. Our party of six had to send back our food almost every night. While we talked to management about this problem, no one seemed interested in resolving the matter and the head waiter stopped coming by our table. When we ordered meat medium, it came back well done. We learned to order it rare but it was still cold by the time it was delivered to our table.

There's no clock in the room. We had to buy one in the gift shop. We were told that we bought the last one of 25 they had at the beginning of the cruise.

The entertainment was very poor. We think the lead male singer knew someone in order to get the job --- he was that bad.

We spent the last two days hearing all about the guest comment cards and how they wanted to be rated as exceeding our expectations. When someone does the job that you expect, like cleaning your room and turning down the bed at night, how can you rate them as exceeding your expectation?

I wouldn't recommend Carnival to anyone and would tell friends to find another cruise even at a more expensive price.