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Carnival Triumph
by branflakes1991
Eastern Caribbean
October 23, 2004

The embarkation went very smoothly. The ship was absolutely stunning. At first, I did not like the ship because I am used to Fantasy-class ships and I didn't have that "cruise feeling." Now, I dearly miss my home...and am planning to go back in 2 months. The decor was excellent, even though there was a rip on a chair in the Oxford Lounge. The Cruise Director, Mark Price, was not involved in many activities, but was hillarious when he was. The three social hosts were Noonan, Adam, and Karlein. In the beginning, Karlein did a lot of social host-like activities, then Adam, then Noonan. Wee... Jimmy did most of the activities and was fun to be around. He's Scottish and wears a kilt... wee jimmy actually got to know me by name and by age. It was quite interesting. The only bad thing about him is that he always uses the same jokes, you'll see.

The second day was our day at sea. There were plenty of activities and some good movies on cabin television. I believ this was the first of two formal nights. GO RED TEAM! I think there was Family Feud, Game Show, and LOTS of Bingo and trivia. There was the first Production show that night, "Wonderful World", and it really was a "wonderful" show. The dancers are excellent! Root for Allen, Surgae, and Victor for me!

The third day was a day at sea and San Juan at 5 p.m. San Juan was frightening, so we avoided this port. There was, as usual, plentiful activities this day as was on the previous.

St. Thomas is a beautiful port, and I recommend you get off and explore. You should take a Taxi to Trunk's Bay, a well-named top 10 beach in the world, or you can just take a skyride to Paradise Point, the most famous place in the Virgin islands. That is a great place for picture taking. I highly recommend going there.

St. Maarten is also beautiful, with cliffs that probably look stunning when a storm is approaching. We went to Shipwreck Cove and snorkeled, and that was a blast. Lots of sunken ships from some hurricane and lots of species of fish and coral... an experience of a lifetime.

The 2nd day at sea was filled with activities, just like the first. Make sure you play in the scratch-offs! Oh, this was the 2nd formal night. Cheer for Jemma and Hailey at bingo!(Dancers)

I'm sorry to say that the last day at sea, there really wasn't that many tings to do, and it feels like the last day of a cruise. There was "Who Wants to be a Millionare", but that's about it for us. The food was horrible. Carnival really needs to do something about that. I was about to starve before I ate!!! Yuck!

The entertainment was excellent. The other show with the dancers was "Century Cafe". That was on the 2nd formal night. Before the show the Big Screen gives you a quiz from the 20's to the 9's and then seguays into the show. Another fantastic performance. The other shows were two singers (on different nights), a comedy show, and a magic show. Entertainment was great!