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Carnival Splendor
by ICareatCarnival
June 14, 2012

Carnival's Splendor, which took us to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas for a week long 'fun' cruise, wasn't what I was expecting. We travel a ton, but this trip was very disturbing. Let me begin at the end.
Last day of the cruise, our room flooded. Water cascading from the ceiling and down the walls. Not drips, but RUNNING water. Called Guest Services as we were trying to get ready for our evening. Supervisor showed up, assured us we would be contacted and that things would be resolved before returning to our room. After a night of dinner, dancing, gambling and visiting with family, we arrived to our room at two-thirty in the morning. We had to leave the ship by ten a.m. The bed was pulled from the wall, helter skelter in the middle of the room. Bedding thrown in a corner on the floor. Side tables and lamps thrown on the bed. sopping wet towels spread throughout the room. Our clothes, luggage and belongings thrown on the floor in a damp heap. Message light on phone. Message is: "Thank you, Mr. *****. We have solved the problem. If you would like a new room, please call."
I call. At two-thirty in the morning, they expect us to pack all of our things they threw on the floor, wait for an attendant, and move to an inside cabin from our balcony room. I want to have a supervisor look at the state of our room. Wait a half an hour. No response. I call again. Nothing. I walk down the hall, find housekeeping at random, and a half hour after that, we crept into a damp bed, room still trashed, exhausted after the employee at least changed the sheets and pillows. Got to sleep by four in the morning. Nobody ever showed up to take care of anything. The result: Talk to guest services. Nothing. Talk to others. Nothing.
But let's start at the beginning.....
It took three evenings to finally have my immediate family seated with the rest of my family for dinner, as Carnival made a mistake with booking. I was polite, but was ignored and put off for three days until we physically dragged our chairs through the dining room to the big table, scrunching in with them. What a scene, and a horrible one, but I was at my rope's end. We came on the cruise to be with family, and dinner is the main gathering place to talk about our times on the ship! Then, of course,as we were blocking the aisles, they solved the problem very easily. Day four. One hundred dollars cash was stolen from our cabin. Very crafty, they are! Had eight hundred in the safe, but whoever stole it was good. Only took five twenties. Again, ignored. My bad in forgetting to lock the darn safe that time. No comment from Carnival.
Snorkeling excursion in Cabo booked via Carnival: Worst ever taken. 45 minute trip to destination, given 45 minutes to snorkel, except you had to swim for almost fifteen minutes to reach the bouyed off section due to so many ships in the area. Paid $80 per person (4 of us) for 20 minutes of snorkeling in twenty five feet of murky water. Took pictures, offered to compare them to the advertised pictures. Carnival declined to see them. Saw eight fish. Result: half of our excursion refunded.
One of our bags was put in the incorrect section when the porter took them for disembarking. Couldn't find it. Left, flew home. Carnival found it, but didn't call us. I called them, finally. We had to pay for shipping of the luggage to our home. Response: 'Thank you for vacationing with Carnival.'
I enjoy gambling, but let me tell you, the dealers DO NOT like you having a good time, and certainly don't like you winning! Dour, sour, even downright offensive dealers consistently, every night. I gamble to have a good time, but it's difficult to have that good time when it's so obvious that they don't like you. I'm not an offensive person, have respect for everybody, but it was so bad that after the third night of rudeness, I didn't tip a dealer once for the rest of the cruise.
I sent several emails from home to explain what happened, and we find out that for everything, we were compensated $60. Yes, that's right. Sixty dollars. You decide for yourself if you'd like to spend nearly six thousand dollars on a family vacation with Carnival and expect this in return. But I have to love the email address! ICare@Carnival! That's irony.