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Carnival Spirit
by Mary
April 16, 2006

Our first cruise aboard Carnival Spirit. If this were our first cruise I believe it would have been our last. We flew into San Diego and were met at the airport by the Cruise Line and bused to the embarkation point. Was not the best but acceptable. Then came the bus ride to Ensenada. We were on a bus that had a jammed bathroom door and exhaust fumes coming up through the floor and a driver that we were sure was doing his best to kill us all. We spent about 5 hours on that bus.

When we got to the ship we were not allowed off the busses because there was some sort of delay and no one could tell us what it was. There was a person from Carnival who got on each bus, remember there were over 2 thousand people, and told us there was a problem but not what the problem was, in fact no one gave us an explanation for 5 days. Finally the pat excuse of computer problems was used. Need I say so far a trip from hell.

We boarded the ship finally at about 9:30 PM. Food was still available on the Lido deck but was cold and stale. Our luggage was at our door when we got to our balcony state room which was very nice. Our cabin steward was perfect and very attentive. The bed linens actually fit the beds and were of excellent quality. No pilled sheets. Our Empire dining room staff was the best I have encountered on a cruise ship or possibly anywhere else. The food was not the best but ok. An alternative steak was offered if the menu items were not acceptable and that was usually very good. The food on the Lido deck was barely acceptable.

The Jazz Trio in one of the lounges was excellent as well as the group who played at the fantail pool each night we left port in Hawaii. The shows in the theater were not worth staying for. We left most after 15 minutes. Debarkation was almost as bad as embarkation as the ship was so slow in getting luggage off that the tour that we booked left the ship 1 hours later then scheduled and there for we did not get a complete tour. At this point we were two sick of it all to complain. Carnival will not be our cruise line of choice in the future.