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Carnival Spirit
by worfsmom
Southern Caribbean
March 27, 2002

Well there is a god.......we thought that we had turned into four old curmudgeons.........I agree with the reviews posted. We were all on the same deck, we were closer to the bow though, and Ican vouch for the difference in noise from above......BOY CAN WE EVER ! and of course all the darlin kiddies screaming/running in the halls.

Hence my reason for posting this......we are royally ---- with all the children on the ship. Kids playing like well-behaved kids, are after all just kids, but drunk 13-15 yr olds having sex, fighting, swearing, carving up the elevators etc etc etc etc etc is another thing. If any of you poor mothers are out there, I have a running list of the 250 teenagers, their names and exactly what they were doing, when and with whom.

How about the 2 13yr olds that dragged the drunken hommie thru the lunch room? Gee and we all had a good look at Barbie-Gone-Bad, but this drunken kid received more stares ( wasn't Barbie an eye piece).

How about "Operation Bright Star", my guess is some damn kid lit a fire......they tried to pull the fire alarm outside 8138 one night. That would've been dishy.......sending a fire frenzy into cruisers. I could go on and on and on and on...........Get the message?

Never ever again will I sail with Carnival, (sorry, I know it's not fair to judge them this way, but heh don't they have a policy "how many kids allowed on a cruise"? I believe they do, and violated it this time, as was reported to us, "they had never had this many kids on any of their ships at one time")

The ship WAS beautiful, cruise was great, food good, entertainment sucked. I got a good tan, and a great kidney bruise from the little darlin in the fan tail pool, that body slammed me. Did you folks like the full diapers on the one kid in the pool? Yummy, thank god I'm a nurse!

P.S. Crapival did receive a letter.

Sheila Cheesman