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by Louise Williams
Western Caribbean
August 26, 2001

Hi everyone

I waited awhile before posting my review of this ship for many reason,but the main reason, I wanted to complete my cruise journal and scrapbook, to use as my guide..

This was my first cruise and although I was a little apprehensive about cruising on this particular ship, I was pleasantly surprised...Overall the ship is very nice, bold color schemes throughout (sort of like vegas style) and very well kept to be 8 years old.. The food was very good, activites were plenty for one week, and the few shows I did see were good as well with the exception of the comedy show, that was awful!

Ports of call:

Cayman Island - Although the beaches were gorgeous as well as the water, I did not have a really good feeling about this island. I guess my expecations were too high from all the brochures I've seen, but overall I am glad I got a chance to visit.

Cozumel Mexico - This is definitely a place I will return again and stay on land for at least a week..Beautiful beaches and water,great shopping, and the people although aggressive, I found them to be friendly as well.

New Orleans - Like no other place I have ever been, I will return here again too, if only for the shopping and dining..The nightlife is wild! but everyone seem to be having fun!

The Ship overall:

Rooms - better than I had expected, very clean, and spacious
Service - very good, never had a problem here
Food - very good, I was pleasantly surprised here too!
My favorite dishes: Sweet and sour shrimp and Salmon and rice!

The only problem I had with this vacation was the overwhelming amount of kids, now don't get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into when I booked this cruise, but these kids were very annoying..It was almost as if carnival did not have anything for them to do, although I did see the smaller children being entertained and kept busy by the staff, but the older kids up to about 21 were just annoying..Running up and down the sairs, playing on the elevators, loud talking each other in the halls, throwing food at each other on the lido deck (the security guards had to break this up), being rude to guests, it was awful. I was told the day we docked at New Orleans that a few people (young adults) were escorted off the ship by police due to a disturbance the night before. I have kids myself, they are young adults, but my tolerance level is way down from when I was raising my own kids..People should definitely have better control of their kids or don't bring them at all. Otherwise, I will probably sail with Carnival again in the future, but for now, I may try a different line. Adults only cruise, hey! now thats a concept!!! I am sure one exist somewhere!

Thats all folks!!

Louise Williams