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Carnival Sensation
by Kimmie
Western Caribbean
April 28, 2005

Let me start by saying that we had the best time on the Sensation! This was our 1st cruise & we are already planning our 2nd. Our party consisted of me, 28, my husband, 27, my sister, 30, and her boyfriend 48.

We started our vacation by driving to New Orleans on Thursday. We live 2.5 hours away so the drive was nothing to us. We arrived in New Orleans at about 1:00, drove straight to the Fulton Street Garage, unloaded our luggage, & headed by bus to the terminal. Once we got into the terminal, there was a line to check in & get our sail & sign cards but everything went smoothly. We were on the ship by 2:00. After reading tons of reviews, I expected to be there a lot longer but it went by pretty fast. I think the wait for the bus at the garage took longer than the actual check in. I also saw the "yellow chairs" that everyone speaks of but never had a chance to sit in one.

Once we were on the boat we had lunch on the lido deck which was very good. I really enjoyed the hamburgers! I think I had one everyday of the cruise. After we ate, we went to check out our rooms. We were in R140 & sis & her bf were in R144. When we got to our rooms, at about 4:00, I had 2 of my bags, sis had 1. We unpacked the bags we had & headed back to lido deck for sail away. We partied on lido until about 7:00. We then headed to our room to get ready for supper. To make my review a lot shorter, I will just comment on the dining room food as a whole. I can't remember everything that was on the menu but everything was ok. It was not food that we were used to eating. I tried a lot of different things & the only thing I really enjoyed was the Filet which I had on 2 different nights. Being from South Louisiana I'm just used to Cajun food I guess. We really enjoyed our dining room team. They both were great! Anyway, after dinner each night we went to different lounges for drinks. We also did the comedy show one night. I think we were in bed by 1:00 each night. We hung around the pool each day so we were basically drained by the end of each night.

In Cozumel we took a taxi to Mr. Sancho's which was amazing. The food there was to die for! The shopping in the city really got on my nerves. We also had a few drinks at Fat Tuesday's which is actually at the end of the pier. We stayed there until it was time for us to get back on the boat.

Monday morning, we got up & went to lido for breakfast, which was always good, then headed to Empress for debarkation. We were one of the first ones off the boat because sis' bf cracked one of his back teeth on lobster at supper one night & needed to see a dentist soon! They gave him some kind of filling to last him until he saw his regular dentist. So I guess it worked out well for us.

All in all we had a great trip & can't wait to go back. Oh & the ship was beautiful. Even though everything was purple in color I still loved her!