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Carnival Sensation
by B Goss
Western Caribbean
December 23, 2004

We spent the night in New Orleans at the Quality Inn Courtyard and had a great limo ride to the ship (all included in the package the hotel has) and were the 1st in line around 11:30, and the 1st to board before 12 noon. We had lunch on the lido deck (yummy) and at 1:30 our luggage was already at our state rooms. We explored the ship and had a wonderful dinner with our waiter Kirt ( who was great the entire trip.)

We had a pleasant evening in the casino and retired early. Great sleeping as we traveled
down the Mississippi River to open waters...........then it began.

The next morning the ship was rocking and rolling, .........can't feel the ship moving????....wrong.............
We could and it only got worse.

It was our 1st cruise, and now looking back we will go again. We are already planning
an Alaska cruise, but this was not your relaxing days at sea.

There was nothing the Captain could do, the seas were so rough, but our party had started
taking the bovine so we didn't get sick. So many did. Bought some beautiful gold and silver on the ship, be sure and take advantage of this.

My only complaint of the crew was announcing if you are going ashore at port to be in a certain area at 8 oclock, and letting everyone on board crowd into the area between the stairs for over an hour before the doors were opened and we were allowed outside. This was terrible for all standing body to body in a hot crowded area unable to move. If the time had been changed it should have been announced. We were very upset at this miserable start of Christmas morning.

Christmas day at Cosumel was wonderful. We had signed up for the Highlight and Shopping
tour and it was worth every cent. $49 per person. We toured the Island, stopping in a deserted town, at the beautiful beach and on to P. Back Porch for a free sampler tray from
the tour guide and a great lunch. The margaritas were the best I've ever had. We were back
on board in about 5 hours and again had a nice dinner and more casino and karaoke fun.

The last day at sea was a nightmare. All night we had to hold on to stay in bed. I went to
the lido desk for breakfast and it was just about impossible to walk. The pool had already
been drained and no one was allowed on the desks because of the pitching of the seas, but
plates were flying off the tables, ketchup bottles flying, items in the gift shopping flying
off the shelves......we had quite the ride....but we knew it was a freak trick of nature and it
was just our luck.....Lots of people were sick, and the crew did all they could. Lots of people stayed in their cabins and missed the entire day at sea.

We went to the casino, and the host Keith made our trip. He was so nice. My husband
won $1,000 on the slots, and I won 2nd place in the slot tournament, 1st place paid $500.
We spend the whole day in the casino, and again Keith is the best.

We realized how lucky we were to go on the cruise and arrive back safe, there was so much
death and destruction going on, if that tidal wave had been on Cosumel we wouldn't be writing a review. We are thankful and counting our blessings, and are looking forward to our next
calm cruise. Our room steward Jimmy was so good. Our sisters had send an Anniversity
cake and it was good and yummy. The cruise director was a hoot, and we have many happy

The Sensation was a funship, and I'll go on her again.