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Carnival Sensation
by Kim - (Kim1319)
Western Caribbean
November 11, 2004

I have a much more detailed review. But I don't think it would be allowed here as it has too many words! So I'll make a somewhat quick one with less details.

Our flight into New Orleans arrived at 11am, and I believe we were on the ship arond 12:30 or so. In time for lunch on the Lido deck. We had cheeseburgers and fries... some had turkey sandwiches and fries. The Lido deck lunches are great as long as you're not expecting gourmet :-)

All of our luggage was too our room before we even left the Port. So we had time to unpack before the sailaway. When it was time for sailaway all 5 of us women headed up to the back of the ship and grabbed a drink and watched as we departed. At first the sailing down the Mississippi River was cool. But after a while I got sick of it... we were going pretty slow and the water was ugly LOL and it smelled. Plus I didn't like seeing land for hours after we left Port. I love to be out in the middle of the ocean when I'm on a cruise!

Dinner was great the first night. And every night, as we did in fact eat there all 4 nights. Our waitress was awesome, I think her name was like Brianca or something. She was a lot of fun. One formal night, which was our second night. Alot of pretty formal dresses, but also alot of casual usual kind of dresses.

Our first day at sea was fabulous. We had great weather so we all got some sun! The activities/entertainment were well... very entertaining as always. I don't participate but I do love to watch the different activities.

We were cozumel on a Saturday, wasn't too busy. There was only our ship and the Ecstasy docked. With another cruise ship way down from us. I love Cozumel very much. We did the Mermaid excursion which was great fun. We went down in a boat and got to see the sea life. And also a plane crash that was put in place on the ocean floor for the filming of a movie. If people out there want to see sea life and such, but are scared of submarines. I recommend the Mermaid excursion, but if you would love to try the submarine tour that is alot more fun,, as you go about 100ft below the sea. And in the Mermaid you only go like maybe 10ft I think. But both are fun.

Second sea day, heading home. Wasn't as nice. The first half of the day was okay, but it started getting really windy and very cloudy. So we didn't get much sun. As the wind picked up, the waves got bigger, therefore the ship rocked.... alot. Just hours before reaching the Mississippi River. The ship rocked so much that people were getting sick... even at dinner. (ack) I had to take some Dramamine and so did the rest of my family. Out of the 6 previous cruises this was only the second time I have had to do so. The first time was in 1995 when we were in a Hurricane.

Returning to New Orleans and disembarking. We signed up for the New Orleans tour as our flight didn't leave until 3:50pm. And they say if you have a flight after 4pm you may take the tour. It was very interesting learning about the city and the people that live there. However I don't think I'd ever go back there.. maybe for Mardi Gras though LOL.

Well if you have any questions or anything.. or would like to see my full detailed review. Please email at :