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Carnival Sensation
by branflakes1991
Western Caribbean
June 7, 2004

Hey everybody, I just got off the Sensation this morning, and, overall, I had a pretty good time. We went on a 5 night to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.
Embarkation was normal, took about 40 min. to board the ship. The staff there was pretty rude, but I'll get over it. We had a friend drop us off, but I heard from other guest that parking was 10.00 a day. I also heard that the parking was very difficult to find.

Our first impression was that it was a purple ship(I was right.) The atrium has purple outlining, and blue elevators(Which are beautiful at night.) Instead of a center piece, like in some other Fantasy-class ships, it has a bar. This bar is usually busy. The Information Desk ALWAYS had a long line, and Shore Tours and the Photo Gallery were rarely open(They take way too many pictures.)

We went to our cabin(It had white comforters and sheets, and EXTREMELY comfortable beds.) The bathroom had a huge step, which I tripped over several times.


Then we went to explore the ship. The casino is average-sized, the Fantasia Lounge is nice, with green lights as overheads, and the stage is rather large. Like I said earlier, the ship is very purple, and purple lights were usually shining on the stage curtains.

After we found the Fantasia Lounge, we ventured on through Promenade, and saw two small arcades, a large disco, a meeting lounge with rather detailed naked statues, and the Plaza Lounge(Where comedy shows and kareoke was heald daily.) Upstairs is the pool, which is unfortunately salt water. The jacuzzis do allow kids in them, therefore it was packed with rude little kids splashing around and yelling at passerbys. (I love kids, because I am one myself, but there is a line you mustn't cross.) There is a Tops Optional deck by the funnel, but there's never anyone there. The Seaview Buffet doesnt serve the best food, but is always up for ice cream and pizza. Also, if you have kids, it's a great place to go for a casual lunch or dinner.

The dining room food, I'm sorry to say, was horrible. They do serve excellent kids menu items, but other than that, I recommend just to go on formal night. The service was excellent, and they had a surprise show for us!

Also, the Sensation has other bars, lounges, and discos throughout the ship.

The first day at sea, wasn't really packed with activities. We did enjoy Bingo, and some other neat games played in the Fantasia Lounge, but, mostly, me and my dad were bored for the day.

We found out that we had horrible social host. Richie always said "Yo yo, wassup, it's yo Richie" which was extremely annoying. Shawna was rude, and couldn't take a joke. I liked Anna, who was the back-up social host. The backup for Richie(forgot his name), was really funny and nice. There are always two social hosts, and two back-up social hosts on each cruise. They do rotate each cruise, so hopefully you'll get the good batch. The cruise director is funny, and made everyone laugh. His name was Jorge, bot he told us to call him "Whorehay"(That's his name in Spanish.) He uses the same old Carnival jokes, so, does not use much interesting material, but he'll break a laugh every once in a while. Later in the day, there was plenty to do, including a Las-Vegas style show "Party Time". The production singers are great. The female has one heck of a voice(Analyn), and the male(Roberto) has a good voice, and gets the crowd going. Analyn is a nice woman, and would be happy to talk to you after the show if you ask a crew member to speak with her. I did this, and she was very sweet. This is my 3rd cruise with her. She is much better than the other two female singers I have heard. Anyways, the music, dances, and show girls were top of the line, and I'm sure you will enjoy this performance.

In Grand Cayman, I recommend the Stingray Sandbar, Hell, and Turtle Farm excursion. Everybody I talked to had a blast on it, and I did the Reef and Ray, and had a fair time. The comedy show for the night was ok. The magician was funny, but sucked.

Cozumel is a party port, so, afterwards, mostly drunks are on board the ship. Anyways, I highly recommend Snuba Diving. It is great for beginners, and is easy to learn. It is the same as Scuba Diving, but the tank isn't on your back, it's on a raft floating on the top of the water. You go down about 25 ft; and see numbers of unique wildlife. We saw a Morray Eel, an Electric Eel, and rare corral. WATCH OUT FOR FIRE CORRAL. OW! Anyways, at a cheaper price, there is Unlimited Snorkeling, and the only bad thing is is that you have to wear a life jacket. :-(. On board, there wasnt really anything to do, except watch the Talent Show, and make fun of the bad people.

The last day at sea was action packed, and I wasn't bored at any time of the day. The casinos were open longer than usual, the Bingos were better, the quizes were more challenging, and the comedian and juggler were EXCELLENT. It was just a GREAT day. The last Las-Vegas style show was "Hey Mambo", and this one had better costumes, and was more fun for the crowd, but I liked Party Time's singing and dancing better.

Overall, the staff was fair, the food was bad, the ship was pretty, and the activities were numerous. My only complaint is they need less Bingo, and more trivia. They also need to add "What's in the Bag." Oh, and the Camp Carnival is great for the under 12 crowd. Hope this was helpful!