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by Kathy Grupe
Eastern Caribbean
November 11, 2002

We were first time cruisers. Everyone we had talked to about the cruise (friends) said we would never feel the boat and would not even know we were on a boat. We must have went at a bad time of the year because we felt the boat moving everyday. One night it was so bad we were walking like we had had too much to drink (we weren't drinking). Our cousin went with us so there were three of us in the room.

She got sick the one night that the boat was moving so much. Our room was nice and big enough for the three of us. Everyone was very nice to us on the boat and they do try to accomodate you. We missed our tour one day when we were in Cozemel and they were able to get us on the tour with another boat that was docked from another cruise line. So, we didn't really miss anything, just had a different time slot. I did not like Cozemel or Play de Carmen. I thought it was dirty and I felt uncomfortable when I seen officers walking around with big guns in Play de Carmen. We were not feeling well so we did no