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Carnival Pride
by Cruznut2
February 25, 2007

Embarkation in Long Beach is a mess. We walked over from the Queen Mary to the terminal next door. We were greeted at the door and told to take our luggage across the street to the parking garage. No porters to take it for us. We got there and had to find a porter to take it back across the street to the ship. After checking our luggage we went back to the terminal only to be directed to go out around the building and into the Queen Mary for early check in. This done we were sent back to the terminal to be lined up outside. VIP, Zone 1, Zone 2 and so on. So we stood forever in line.

Finally they started taking us inside VIP, Zone 1, Zone 2 and so on. Once inside we were lined up yet again to wait some more. Finally line by line we were lined up to get our pictures taken, no avoiding this, had to cross the set to get to the stairs to the ship. Pictures done, up we went on to the gangway to wait some more. Finally slowly the line began to move again. Once inside the ship we had our security pictures taken and our cards punched in. Finally after nearly 2 hours of standing in lines we were aboard.

The Ship

Carnival Pride is a lovely ship. The central theme is the Renaissance. The atrium has much renaissance art. A lot of nudes. Some may find it offensive, I did not. The colors were warm, dark woods, bronze tones with beige and gold.

The Taj Mahal lounge, this is the main show room. This room was light very pretty. Many pinpoint lights along the walls. The stage area was brightly lit. The Mermaids Grille and the Lido area. Bronze and blue are the central colors here, the room was comfortable with many tables for passengers to enjoy their meals while looking out.

The 3 pool areas were spacious, the central pool was for both adults and children. The forward pool was for just adults and the aft pool was for children. I was not impressed with the metal chairs at the tables. I found them uncomfortable.

The dining room was 2 levels with table sizes from 2 persons to 8 persons. The décor was light colors with comfortable chairs.

The Casino. This room was as always smoky. I sure wish Carnival would do something about that. I was impressed with the variety of slot machines in here. Many 2 cent, and nickel machines. Most of them had bonus games to play too. I found that I could play for hours for $20.00 on a nickel machine with bonus games. Made it much more fun to hit the combo needed to be eligible for the bonus round. Much more fun than mindlessly pulling the handle and watching the reels spin.

I really like the layout of the Spirit Class ships. Easy to get around . All the shops, The central lobby and the show room and casino are located on levels 2 and 3.

The cabins. As is usual on Carnival ships the cabins are larger than most cruise ship cabins. I had a nice ocean view. plenty of room for storage in closets and under beds. There were 2 large drawers under the couch. A large cabinet and plenty of drawer space. We had a refrigerator and of course a safe.

Food and Service

Excellent is the word here. As always with Carnival they excel at food.. It was good and well presented. No complaints here. Much variety both in the dining room and the Lido buffet . The dining service was excellent also.

Cabin Stewards also rate an excellent. Our room was always cleaned and comfortable. Our cabin steward was a man with long service with Carnival and does a great job. If you ever get Franklin for your cabin steward consider yourself lucky.


To be honest I was a bit disappointed here. On most Carnival ships I have found the dancers to be very talented. We went only to the first formal night production. It was a show called Vrooooooom. The music was good because I love the "oldies" I felt the dance team here was less than stellar. The male singer kept reaching for the high notes and missing. The best part of this show was the video that played between acts. It was an older "biker" named Wings talking about his trips. We did go to an afternoon show with the comedian and he was funny. We planned to go to a late show to see him do his "adult" comedy, we never made it. Too late for us old gals.

The Ports

Puerto Vallarta I did not see a lot of this town. We took a tour on the water with snorkeling, kayaking, whale and dolphin watching. The day was windy but nice in the sun. A nice lunch was served onboard the boat. Cold cuts, cole slaw and potato salad and fruits. Complimentary beverages were also served. An enjoyable day that was worth the $79.

Mazatlan . This town was dirty in the downtown areas. Somewhat better in the Golden Zone and the hotels area. We took a City tour that took us to see the cliff divers also. We went shopping in the Golden Zone. After shopping we attended a show that was somewhat interesting. Native Indians doing ritual dancing. They also did an act from high atop a pole and hanging from ropes while the pole rotated. The dancers were slowly lowered to the ground.

Cabo San Lucas I stayed aboard this day and enjoyed the emptiness of the ship. My friend went ashore. She said the town was nice and clean. She enjoyed her tour, Cabo by land and Sea.


This was slow of course because of having to clear immigration. The usual waiting for your color to be called seemed endless at the time. Since we were not traveling home until the next day we were in no hurry. It was orderly and seemed to go smoothly. Once off the ship we took a bus to LAX to call a shuttle to our hotel.