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Carnival Pride
by Wrharper
July 16, 2006

I am writing to ask for some recompense to compensate for two major events, which spoiled our holiday on board the Carnival Pride.

Sailing Date was 16 July 06
Long Beach to the Mexican Riviera
Booking No. 9H 16T1
Cabin No. 5195

This was a belated Christmas cruise for the 18 members of my family who cruised with us. We have done this cruise for the family for several years with no problems.

Our first problem was in DAVID'S restaurant. Specifically what went wrong seemed to be a function of poor training of the wait staff and the kitchen staff. We had three tables for our party of 18. One table (mine) received their main course entrée in reasonable time but the other two tables had to wait 55 minutes after us. Repeated enquiries as to the status of their meal were told it was coming. Meanwhile our dirty dishes with food scraps were left in front of us for 45 minutes. In desperation two members of our party pleaded with the wait staff, which was standing around talking, to please remove the plates!

When the "late" meals finally arrived, the lobster two people had ordered was tough and dry. Obviously it had been cooked sometime before and had been standing in the kitchen. Rather than requesting a replacement and waiting for another hour we let it go.

DAVID'S - suggest one should allow 2 1/2_ hours for the meal. We arrived on time at 6.30 p.m. and left the restaurant at 9.45 p.m. Since we had all paid the exorbitant cover charge of $30.00 it was particularly galling to suffer poor service and lack of concern from the staff.

The problems seemed to center round:
Poor training of the wait staff.
Lack of supervision (we never could find out Who was in charge)
The staff's difficulty with the English language

We were on the Pride In 2004 and had a great experience with DAVID'S Restaurant. But not this time!

I wrote a two-page letter on the day following our visit to DAVID'S to the Hotel Manager-Mr. Stephen Chastney, but he did not acknowledge or reply to my letter. Instead we got a form letter from the purser expressing their apologies.

A water pipe leaked under the carpet in our cabin creating an unpleasant odor and a soggy wet carpet. The engineers and steward tried to fix the problem but it took two days with the room stripped before the leak was fixed at great inconvenience to us. The purser said we would be able to move to an alternate cabin but that never happened!

This is one cruise my family and I will remember for a long time- the Fun Ship it was not!

I will look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

Walter R.Harper