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Carnival Pride
by Lisa
August 8, 2004

The 1933 Cadillac limo that we rented arrived just on time at around 11 o'clock on Sunday August 8th, 2004. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the Long Beach port. The Carnival Pride was huge compared to the Queen Mary! Embarkation was pretty smooth, except we couldn't find the line for the people who had already done the Fun Pass online so we just went in the regular line, which took about 45 minutes. We then waited in line to go through the dome for about a half an hour. We went through the x-rays and took our picture for getting on the ship. We walked onto the ship around 2 o'clock which I thought was pretty good timing. We found our room very easily and I thought it was far more spacious than I had thought it was going to be. We were in cabin 4194 which was the obstructed view with French doors. At 4 p.m. we left dock and were on our way to Puerto Vallarta. My family and I went our separate ways and explored the ship on our own. I went to the teen icebreaker meeting where I found a girl my age that was lost, and I was lost also. We found the teen meeting and met all sorts of people our same age, and some a little older. Later on in the night, my sister and I went to the Butterflies Lounge were we watched the 15-17 year olds dance to the hip-hop style music. I then went to bed around midnight.

Day one was very beautiful. I woke up around 11 a.m. and me and my sister got ready and had breakfast by ourselves up in the Mermaid's grille. The lines were pretty slow, and the hash browns didn't taste all that good. All I mainly did that day was listen to my C.D. player and walk around the ship, so I couldn't tell you how the activities were that day. We never ate in the Normandie Grille until Tuesday night.

Day two was getting pretty boring to me since all I had to do was listen to my C.D. player and chat with my sister. Luckily my friends that I had met on Sunday found me sitting in one of the lounges and we started to walk around. We watched the Hairy Chest Contest for a few minutes, which was very funny. They wanted to go eat and I and my sister didn't so we just walked off. Late on in the day my sister and I went up to the Mermaid Grille for something to eat and we ended up meeting two guys around her age (19 and 21). We chatted for about and hour and then walked around the ship. At about 5 o'clock they invited us to the Captain's Gala Party and so we went back up to the room to change. They introduced the staff of Carnival Pride and served free drinks. Around 8 o'clock we went back up again to the room to get ready for the formal evening in the Normandie Restaurant. I found my friends a little after I got done eating and we hung out. We people watched, and then went to the karaoke bar around 8 o'clock and watched everyone make fools of themselves. At midnight we went to the Butterflies Lounge and watched How to Deal until 2 a.m. then went to sleep.

Day three was Puerto Vallarta. My family and I were scheduled on the 11:15 a.m. Countryside Horse Back Adventure. It was very humid and muggy as soon as we got off of the ship. The people trying to sell us stuff were the pushiest in PV. We couldn't stand it so we left. At 11:15 we left for the horses. They put me on one horse that had a cut were the stirrups were so it was bothered by it. The horse kept on biting the stirrups and was not good for a beginner like me at all. Before we left, I told the guys that I couldn't have a horse like that because I've had several very bad experiences on horses before. After about 10 minutes of arguing, they finally agreed. The ride to the river wasn't bad, but I was so terrified by now that I couldn't have a good time. When we got to the river, it was time to swim with the horses if you wanted to. My sister did it right away, but I was very hesitant. Finally, I gave in. I decided to go in my clothes since they were sticking to me because of the sweat. It wasn't that bad at all. You could feel the horse's legs beneath you kicking to swim! It was amazing. During the ride back to the ranch, my horse was sort of behind and it wanted to catch up with all the other horses so it started to gallop. I was terrified. The head horse guy came up to me and told me what to do, and it wouldn't work. Finally after 5 minutes, the horse calmed down. After the horse adventure, they gave us a free tour of the tequila factory as a bonus. The bus was late. It was supposed to pick us up at 2:15, and it was already 4:00. Our next shore excursion, Rhythms of the Night, started at 4:30. We weren't going to make it. So my dad and a few other guys started to get angry at the guy, and I can see why. When we got to the ship at 4:30, it started to rain. My dad said, okay, we just need to get a refund because obviously we weren't meant to go see the Rhythms of the Night. So we went back to the ship and got a refund, then all of us took nice, long showers. I met up with my friends when the ship was starting to leave port. Our group had a lot of drama in it about the boys and girls and liking each other, so it wasn't a very pleasant night. We talked until about 1:30 a.m. then headed for bed.

Day four, Thursday, was Mazatlan. Mazatlan was still humid, but it was not a very dry heat. Just standing still would make you sweat. The tour we had planned for that day was the Shopping, Lunch, & Beach Tour. A taxi first took us to this one street about 6 miles away that had everything on it. We watched to people that swung from their feet off a pole, can't remember their names. It was very interesting to watch, but it was also very hot. We shopped around the stores for a bit, and then headed over to this very upscale hotel where they had a lunch buffet for us and a private pool and beach. I wasn't very hungry, so I can't tell you how the food was. The pool was very beautiful. It had a waterfall and everything. The beach was very nice; they even had a section roped off where to people trying to sell stuff couldn't enter. I got a henna tattoo on my back. I asked for a faerie and even showed them a picture of what I wanted, but all he gave me was a messed up butterfly. A lady was braiding my sister's hair, and I showed a little interest in the photos she showed me. Don't show interest if you don't want it! She kept on beggaring me of how it would make her day and everything. I really did not want them, so I just pretended to fall asleep while she was doing my sister's hair. We left around 4 p.m. and went back to the ship. My parents of course went to the casino as usual, only to come back a few hours later with a $3,600 cash prize! He had put 2 quarters in a quarter machine and won! So my parents were very happy that night. My friends and I just hung out and me and one of my girl friends went into the pool for the very first time, big mistake. Little kids were jumping in the pool and the salt water splashed into our eyes. We got out very quickly and went back to our cabins to take a shower. My family went and ate again at 8:15. After, my friends and I walked around and then we went to the Disco were we danced for a little bit. We talked for a bit and then ended going to bed around 2 a.m.

Day five, Friday, was Cabo San Lucas. We didn't have any tour planned for that day so we had to get off of the ship around 11 a.m. We shopped for about an hour before heading out to find more shops. My parents found a shop that sold tequila and the guy recommended a certain seafood restaurant in town, so we headed out to find it. We walked for about 3 blocks and realized we need help. It was another hot day, but luckily not as humid. A tourist center gladly helped us and gave us a map and showed us where it was. We got to the restaurant and my dad and I ordered bacon and cheese wrapped shrimp, my mom ordered a king crap, and my sister ordered a seafood platter. They were rather pricey, on average $17 a dish, but it was worth it. Their were 5 shrimp on my plate and these were huge jumbo shrimp! After the 3rd shrimp, I started to get sick from being that full. My dad just said though to take off the bacon and just eat the shrimp. That was very helpful! There were about 4 strips of bacon per shrimp! After we ate, we got a taxi that took us to Cabo Wabo. My sister had wanted to at least visit there. The sign said no one under 18 allowed, so my parents just told them that I had to use the bathroom. It worked! We sat around for about 15 minutes while my sister and parents had a drink. After that, we shopped for about another hour and bought some souvenirs. We got a taxi back to port where we saw a huge marlin that was just wheeled in. They said they believe it to be about 600 lbs and 7 feet long! We stood in line for a bit waiting for a water taxi. The water taxis weren't that bad. Sure they rocked a little bit, but all boats do. It only took about 5 minutes to get back to the boat, which was fine with me. We left port around 3 p.m. and headed back to Long Beach. Me and my friends met up again and hung out for a while. We were walking around the ship when we heard an announcement on the speaker. It said that a passenger was sick very badly and that a life was at risk if they didn't get medical attention immediately. They said that we would have to turn around and go back to Cabo. We would be in port in Long beach at 11 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. and that if you had any questions to go down to the purser's desk. Being as immature as we were, me and my friends jumped up and down since we would be staying on the ship. At the moment it seemed like the thing to do. Later on we heard that a woman was in premature labor and that baby wouldn't have made it if we hadn't turned around. My parents were scheduled to go to David's Supper to celebrate their winnings in the casino, but my mom was still full from lunch earlier in the day so they cancelled. Once again me and my friends just stayed out until 2:30 a.m. and went to bed as usual.

Day 6, Saturday, was much better. Me and my sister woke up around 11 a.m. The room service guy delivered chocolate covered strawberries to our room. To this day we still don't know who ordered them for us. We got dressed and went down and had breakfast in the Mermaid Grille once again. The guys ditched us for about half of the day to hang out with another girl so my friends and I went into the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi we went in was colder than the pool was! We quickly got out after realizing that the temperature wasn't going to get any hotter, and went into the other Jacuzzi where everyone basically was. We walked around again until about 8 p.m. when I had to go for dinner. We had a wonderful dinner as usual and then said our fair well to our dinning staff. I was supposed to meet my friends at 9:30 p.m. and by the time we left the restaurant it was 9:30 so I had to rush over to the other side of the ship. Except my parents said that I had to stay so we as a family can decide what pictures we wanted to buy. This lasted until about 10 p.m. when they finally let me go. I ran over and luckily they were still where I was supposed to meet them. We all talked until about 10:30 and then went into the spa Jacuzzi. We hung out until around 11:15 when the pool started to drain with us in it! We knew the Jacuzzi wasn't supposed to close until midnight so we were flabbergasted! One of the guys had to run to his room in his swim trunks at 11 o'clock and get us robes and towels! There was nothing left in the Jacuzzi when he came back and we were freezing. Everyone went back to there rooms to get changed for the Pajama Party in the Butterflies Lounge. As I was getting ready my mom came back to the room and announced that she beat my dad in the casino, she hit $4,800!! She was very excited. After I told my friends the good news, we went to where the PJ party is supposed to be, except no one was dressed in PJs! So we just left and went to one of our girl friends room and ordered the movie EuroTrip at 3 a.m. and watched it till about 5 a.m. I then decided that I've got to go to bed since it was getting late. We all said our goodbyes and Ryan (Now my bf) walked to my room and hugged me goodnight.

The next morning my mom was surprised that I had gotten in later than my sister! We all got dressed around 8 am and had breakfast in Normandie. We got our carry ons and said good-bye to our room. I found some of my friends and we hung out in the Taj Mahal watching the Olympics. One by one they called our color tags and one by one, each one of us was gone. It was very sad to see everyone go. Debarkation was at least a little easier than embarkation, but it was a lot sadder. A 1962 Rolls Royce limo picked us up and dropped us off home.

Overall: I would say that this cruise is very great for first-time cruisers like I was. It became my home. I knew where every little thing was on the ship and it is very surprisingly easy to get around. I would defiantly recommend this ship.

Complaints: I actually have quite a few. 1. Room service trays were scattered in the hall, and some I noticed weren't picked up the whole week. 2. Room service took a very long time. I ordered some brownies and milk and that alone took 45 minutes. 3. Cleanliness. A small child had gone #2 all don't the stairs in the fun club, and it wasn't picked up for 35 minutes. 4. Smoking areas. The main smoking area near the Beauties disco was a horrible place to allow smoking. It is near a children's dance disco and near Normandie Restaurant. 5. Children Activates. They didn't really have many activities for teens 15-17 but I had fun just hanging with my friends.

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