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Carnival Pride
by Jodie
Western Caribbean
March 29, 2003

With this being my first cruise ever, I wasn't sure what to expect. There was a group of 9 of us traveling together, so we choose to meet on Friday at the Radisson before departing on our cruise Saturday. I would recommend the Radisson to anyone wanting to arrive a day early for their cruise.

Departing Port Canaveral - This was so easy! We took the shuttle from the hotel to the ship, unloaded got our room assignments and we were off. I don't think that we waited in line much longer than 30 minutes and it was continuously moving! I was very pleased with this, because I have read some horror stories about super long line and it taking forever to get onto the ship. We got on the ship with plenty of time to find our rooms, check out the ship, drink a few cocktails and even take a short nap before departing port.

Let me first start by saying this ship was amazing! The décor, WOW!! I was just speechless about everything on the ship! It was really a floating city! Yes, I have read that some people were offended by some of the nude paintings, statues, etc. Well they are part of art and history. But, if you are offended easily by this kind of thing, you should probably choose another ship!

Not sure what to expect with our room, I was very pleasantly surprised to find how large I felt the room was. We had a window, which helped make the room seem larger. Once we put the beds together, and put our luggage under the beds, there was plenty of room. We had a sofa, table, and King size bed and plenty of moving around room. The mini refrigerator is lock, but if you ask your room steward he will unlock it for you and there is room to put some items in there if you need to.

The food was super! I was on this ship for fun and relaxation, so we didn't worry about dinning in the dinning room every night; we only did twice and both times were very good. We spent most of our dinning experience either at the buffet or at the grill by the pool. We all had great food from these locations. I can't say enough about the 24 hour pizza shop!! Excellent pizza! I'm sure that you will not be disappointed with any dinning experience you choose while on the Pride. Don't forget 24 hour room service, these guys were great!

Even with having to check out the Carnival towels, there are still lots and lots of chair saving around the pool areas! So if your having a day at sea and want to lay by one of the pools you had better plan to arrive early and go ahead a save a seat for your partner, everyone else does! Need to save more than one, go a head! Unless you enjoy sharing the Jacuzzi with several kids, don't plan on using it much! I wasn't sure if any of these kids on our ship had parents?? If they did they sure didn't keep an eye on them! I guess if I had one complaint on this whole trip it would be parents letting their children run wild!! Maybe this was great for the parents, but for the other guest that left their children at home, would have appreciated if these parents had cared enough to at least keep an eye on theirs!!

First Port - Key West
Well this is where things started getting rough for us, we missed this port due to bad weather that was coming in. by evening we were experiencing 30 to 40 foot waves! Needless to say, the infirmary was overflowing and I don't think anyone stayed out parting this night! Thank goodness for the Dramamine that I purchased before leaving, just because I wasn't sure what to expect. I think everyone of us girls, took a pill and went to bed. The sea was better when we woke the next day.

Added Port - Costa Maya
Since we missed Key West out Captain added an unexpected port for us, there really wasn't much to do here. It looks like they are just starting to build up Costa Maya for cruise ships to stop at. We choose to do a Beach Break and just relax on the beach. They had a nice facility for this, the only down fall was that we had to get bused about 30+ minutes away from the port. There was a little shopping when you got off of the ship, other than that we didn't see any place to go to do any more shopping. Cloudy day, so weather was only so so.

Belize City, Belize
We choose to do the cave tubing, this was a lot of fun, but would have been so much more fun if it would have been a nice day. It was rainy, cloudy and chilly! Anyway the ride out was quite the experience, we had to drive through the city, wow what a very dirty city. Not sure that I would recommend the city tour to anyone, because from what we saw while on our bus, I didn't see anything worth seeing let alone paying to see it.

Well Cozumel was very nice! We again did a Beach break and they have a very nice facility for this. Cozumel is of course a booming city, so there is lots to do here. We all wished we had more time to spend here. We went Carlos and Charles, what a crazy place! And watch out for Senor Froggies it's just as crazy!!

We didn't signup for any shore excursions here. We got off of the ship and visited the town on our own. They have some nice shopping when you get dropped off in town. You take a walk along the shoreline. We choose to spend the day on the ship, enjoying some of the things here.

All in all this was a great cruise! Probably because of the company that I was with! The sun finally came out the last few days of the cruise and the weather warmed up some! So for all of you that have a cruise coming up, enjoy yourself!! I personally will not ever do the Western Caribbean again, other than Cozumel the stops were not worth stopping at in my eyes. I wished we would have had more time in Cozumel, having to be back on the ship by 4:00 just was way too early!! It looked like there was great nightlife there, and we never got to experience any of that! Actually never got to see our ship at night, with all of her lights on!! That would have made for a great picture, oh well next time! But, the ship was great and would cruise on the Pride again anytime!!