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Carnival Miracle
by Kristen P
Western Caribbean
December 31, 2006

I love the Carnival Miracle! This was my second cruise, my first as an adult (23)- the other was when I was in middle school, and I honestly had the time of my life! Our ports of call were Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Costa Maya.

Embarkation- We were allowed to start boarding the boat at 1PM and arrived at about 1:30 at the Port of Tampa, it took us about 30minutes from being dropped off to arriving in our room. So if you get a chance to leave from the Port of Tampa I highly recommend it. ( Not to mention that Channelside, very nice shopping eating and partying part of Tampa is right next to the port) Overall would give it a 10.

Cabin- We had an ocean view cabin 4117, it was an obstructed view but we really enjoyed the fact that we were able to open the French doors and get some fresh air into our cabin. The cabin itself was a great size a little over 180 sq.ft. and we never got claustrophobic once ( and I do have claustrophobic tendencies, lol). The bed was extremely comfortable and never had any noise or disturbance problems whether it be day or night. Overall would give our cabin an 8.

Ship- really nice and clean, can tell is a newer ship. My only complaint is that the adult pool is a little small- and most of the time wasn't the adult pool but if that is my only complaint then I got off good! Oh and a lot of people on here kept complaining about the grapes in the Bacchus but I must have been out of it bc I don't even remember any grapes in the Bacchus- I do remember some pretty crazy colors but no grapes but would make sense since Bacchus was the god of wine.

Food- I am guessing that the food on the Miracle is about the same as any other cruise ship, I thought that it was good most of the time but there were a couple of instances where it wasn't the best. I wasn't crazy about the choices at the buffet, I am not into fried foods or hamburgers and hot dogs so I ended up eating either a Rubean, salad or veggie burger for lunch everyday- so you have to keep that in mind. The food at the Bacchus ( Main dining restaurant) was pretty good I always loved the appetizers and salad but the main course and dessert (except the chocolate melting cake) were okay- but then again I am spoiled and live in winter park (ORL), fl about a half a mile from some of the best dining in the country, so you have to keep that in mind as well. Didn't get a chance to go to Nick and Noras, which my boyfriend and I regret looking back on it because we had heard nothing but good things about the place. Over all I would give the food a 7.5.


Grand Cayman, we went through a private excursion agency when we booked our shore excursion for Grand Cayman. We rent Jet Skis from a place offline and had a blast on them. We got to take them for 7 mi. and during it we got to stop at Sting Ray City and play with the Rays, which was such a wonderful experience. They are such awesome animals and are really like a dog in the water, my boyfriend even stepped on one when getting off of the Jet Ski and nothing happened to him. After the Jet Ski we were permitted to stay on the resort and using the facilities but decided to head off to the port and shopping area-What a mistake. The shopping area at Grand Cayman is nothing but a big mall with not even a trace of the islands culture, If I wanted to do shopping like they offered here then I would go to the local mall. So my suggestion is to definitely book a shore excursion here my suggestion would be to anything that goes to Stingray City or Rum Point.

Cozumel, this port and Costa Maya are both tied for our two favorite ports. Here we booked ATV Beach Break for our excursion- whatever you do avoid this excursion. I thought that we would just be taking the ATV's a little trail and on the beach but I quickly learned that this was not the case. To make a long story short after 3 and a half hours in the jungle on a POS ATV, I emerged from the jungle soaking wet(from being chest deep in a mud puddle with my ATV steaming and hissing under the water), covered with mud, bleeding ( from running to to some rose bushes with barbed wire) and emotionally worn out. The only saving grace for this excursion for me was that afterwards we were taken to a really nice beach where I proceeded to drink 2 Grande Margaritas- highly recommend them. After the beach we were dropped off at the pier where there was incredible shopping. I would have done anything to stay at this port longer.

Belize- This is another place where you should definitely book an excursion bc there is not too much to do there and it is not necessarily the safest place to venture out on your own in. Here we decided to do the lost world canopy tour which was really fun and surprisingly very safe. Don't have much else to say about this port. Probably wont book a cruise that goes to this port again and if I do I will probably just enjoy the festivities on the ship for that day.

Costa Maya- Awesome port, completely underdeveloped which is what makes it great. Once again we went through the private shore excursion site to book our excursion here. We did Pez Quatro Beach and it was amazing. Finally didn't have to do any of my boyfriends crazy thrill seeking excursions and got a chance to relax. All of the natives were super friendly and once again found some great shopping in the tents around the beach. Would go back again in a heart beat but by then it will probably be all developed.

Dismemberment- Was easy and breezy. Grabbed our bags and got off the ship- how much easier can you get?

All and all would definitely cruise with Carnival again and would definitely do the Miracle again. Hope that I have been helpful and enjoy your cruise- I know you will have a blast.