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Carnival Liberty
by Cruznut2 - September 11, 2010
Carnival Liberty
September 11 - 18, 2010

Pre Cruise

Extended Stay America Miami - Brickell - Port Of Miami 298 SW 15th Rd, Miami Florida 33129

This trip I decided to drive to Miami the day before the cruise.. There were many options to consider for parking during the cruise. In my research I found a hotel that offered free parking for the length of the cruise. My research revealed that the hotel had good reviews so I booked it. I did my booking on line at their website. I chose the senior rate which was $71.24 I paid around $80 with taxes. I felt that was very reasonable as it would save me $140 in parking at the port. The shuttle to the port was $10.00. Returning from the cruise I took a taxi back to the hotel for $14.50

The hotel was located on a quiet street near the Port of Miami. I found the hotel to be clean and very quiet. My room had a queen bed . The room was equipped with a small kitchen.. Supplies for coffee were there also. More coffee was offered in air pots set up in the lobby in the morning. There was no continental breakfast.. They have vending machines that were very high priced. I walked across to the Walgreens store and they had nice fresh pastries for sale.

The hotel did not have a restaurant within it. There is a nice Italian restaurant nearby within easy walking distance. Had I spent more time exploring I might have revealed other places. Since my niece lives in Miami she picked me up and we went to Bayside Market Place for a drink. For dinner I was tired and chose to stay in the room. Two menus were slid under my door. Both offered sandwiches, pizza, salads, soups. I chose a sandwich and soup. It arrived promptly but was not very good. The soup was canned and the sandwich was on stale bread. I ate part of it and tossed the rest, too tired to care. Needless to say I was in bed early. It had been a long day and a long drive from Lakeland.

Port Of Miami

My shuttle from the hotel picked me up at 11:00 AM. It was about 11:20 before we left. I was the only passenger going to the port. The drive took about 15 minutes in the traffic At the port. I was dropped of at Carnival and went inside to check in. The lines moved along fairly well for the amount of people in the terminal. The last stop before boarding was where they set up on board accounts and issue key cards. I did feel that this area could have used more agents. There were many empty stations here. It took about a half hour from the beginning until I plugged in my card for the security check in picture. As I stepped on to the mat for this picture a buzzer went off and a canned voice announced to anyone listening that I have a message and to please go to customer relations. I went to the pursers desk for my message. Since I have several medical issues they just wanted to assure me that they were prepared to meet my needs.

Carnival Liberty

As I entered the main lobby I was pleased to note the huge American Flag hanging in the atrium. It was September 11 and the Flag was quiet tribute to our wonderful country.

I was carrying a carry on and my c-pap machine as well as my purse. I knew this would be troublesome on the lido while trying to get lunch. I decided to try to get to my room to drop it all off. I went up to Panorama deck and my corridor was open. I went to my room and got rid of the baggage and left. As I was leaving they shut the door to the corridor. I guess I was lucky.

I went down to Emiles on lido and had lunch at the deli. I enjoyed a pastrami sandwich and a glass of water. Then I did have a small slice of cheesecake for dessert.

After lunch I went exploring the ship. I had sailed on this magnificent ship in 2007. There were a few changes. The one most noticeable was the elimination of the Asian buffet. It was replaced with a burrito bar. I would much rather have had the Asian. I also noticed that the salad bar was gone and there were salad choices at the beginning of the food lines instead. This made less choices for the salads. On the other hand it saved standing in line twice for lunch. The ship was showing signs of wear and tear and will soon need a facelift. I decided to return to my room and see if my luggage had been delivered. It had and I was surprised that it was in the room and on the bed. I unpacked and was back on deck long before sail away. The lifeboat drill was somewhat improved as wearing the life jacket was eliminated. Somewhat cooler while standing there. Of course I had the complaining lady right behind me. She carried on as if the drill was a plot to inconvenience her. I wanted her to quiet down so we could listen to the instructions. I am sure the others around us felt the same. Some people just do not understand that it is important information and it is mandatory.


The entertainment on this ship was outstanding. The Liberty dancers were wonderful. The singers are very talented. The first production show was a tribute to the cities of the world. It ended with a tribute to the USA. This show ended with sparklers going off on stage and red, white and blue streamers cascading into the audience. The audience was on their feet in standing ovation. Not a dry eye in the house. I struggled for control with a lump in my throat as tears streamed down my face.

The second production show was called "Singing With The Big Band" This show featured the huge talent of Christopher Alan Graves. He sang all the standards of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. He invited the children on stage as he sang "Candy Man" and of course the children were given candy. I cannot say enough about this man and the show he puts on. If you are on a ship where he is entertaining, don't miss this one.

Not being a late night person I was usually asleep long before midnight and I missed the adult comedy shows and the comedy club altogether. I heard many good comments about it around the ship.

Daytime Activities

Of course as we all know most of the action is around the central lido pool. I usually went to the aft pool where we older folks congregated. It was nice there. The "laugh a minute" crowd that I met at lunch were usually there and I was kept laughing all the time. I went to bingo a few times but as usual I was not too lucky. I spent too much time donating too much money to the casino too. I did participate in 3 slots tournaments this week. I never got past the first round. All I got from the casino was a free pina colada that the host was offering the ladies. I also got a severe sinus infection from the smoke in the casino.


Since I was traveling alone I chose "Your Time" dining. I could go to the dining room any time between 5:45 pm and 9:30 pm for dinner. I absolutely loved this option. I was placed with different people most nights. Every night I was lucky to be placed with great dining companions. I met many nice people this way and really enjoyed it. I also opted for the dining room most days for lunch and every day for breakfast. One memorable lunch I was placed with four other people who kept me laughing the whole time. One day for lunch I went to "Fish and Chips" I had the Calamari and it was outstanding. Try as I would I was unable to control my intake of sweets and of course everything was excellent. On port days I ate at the buffet for lunch. I must admit that for the first time I was somewhat disappointed in the food there. Once I went to the pizzeria for a slice of pizza . As always it was excellent.

Service and Sanitation

There was no area where service lacked on this voyage. Although Liberty is showing signs of wear she was kept spotless. A difficult task with 3200 guests running around. My cabin was well kept by Harry my cabin steward who attended to all my needs. The dining room staff was great and all my meals were well served and timely.


The dreaded disembarkation day arrived and I was prepared and ready for it. I did not opt for self assist as that can be a real mess with too many folks struggling with too much luggage try to be the first ones off the ship. I was assigned zone 9. I had an extra cup of coffee on lido deck then went to my room to collect my things. I went to the Venetian Palace lounge to wait for my zone to be called. As the zones were completed they were called. Self assist was still going on also. I was called in a relatively short time and was off the ship before 9:00 AM. I got in line for a taxi and went back to the hotel to pick up my car. All in all it was an easy process.

This was the best cruise I ever had and I would definitely book this ship again