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Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Liberty
by Robert Ksiazyk
Western Europe
October 21, 2006

Below is the letter sent to Carnival Cruise lines along with their Survey card.

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are taking this opportunity to include additional comments to the enclosed comment card, regarding the recent European cruise on board the Carnival ship Liberty. The entire trip was booked through CCL so no travel agent has been involved.

The timing on the flights could not have been any better. Other than the enormous lines, which are normal these days, the timing, seating and choice of airlines could not be improved upon.

We retrieved our luggage at the airport and placed them with the other luggage as directed. At that time our three pieces of luggage were in good shape. Later that day when they arrived at our cabin, one wheel and part of the frame was missing from one of the pieces. I immediately asked the cabin steward where I would go to claim the damage. I was told that the ship is not responsible and there is no one to go to.

Cabin 8448 is a corner cabin with a balcony, which is what we had requested and hoped we would get. A few days into the cruise, we received a notice that the following morning maintenance would be working on the balconies so we should make sure our drapes are drawn shut for privacy. Being in the casino late at night, we put out the "privacy please" sign so that we could sleep as long as we wanted. It was approximately 7:30 AM when the noise started. Scraping, hammering, sanding etc. was more than enough to wake us up. The maintenance people were working on the cabin balcony next to us, replacing window glass that required removing the caulking material with electric grinders.

They worked all day on all the cabins but ours. I'm assuming that is because of our "privacy please" sign. Our neighbor who had left his cabin for breakfast before maintenance came, was surprised to come back to open doors through to the balcony, tools in the cabin along with an extension cord running to a battery charger on the bed. When he left the ship for the day, he returned to all the scrapings on the deck that had not been cleaned up. He had to call the cabin steward to clean it.

Naturally, with the maintenance going on, we could not use our balcony the entire day. We have cruised on the Ecstasy, Imagination and the Sensation. All of the cruises have been perfect for us, which is why we keep coming back to CCL. We have never had any complaints about the food but the food on the Liberty was a huge disappointment for us. I am including the dining room food and the Lido deck food.

First time cruisers may have found the food to their liking, but this was not the case with us, or our dining partners. There were too many times that we were asked if we would like "something else", because of the amount of food left. Without going into too much detail, I will say that most of the food served in the dining room, the meat especially, was dry and tasteless.

The food on the Lido Deck was similar. No matter what the theme, the food tasted the same.

There were also service issues that I would like to point out.

Running out of food: For breakfast raisins were available for the cereal. Half way through the cruise, when we asked where they were, we were told, "we're out of raisin and butter too".

Orange Juice, which I feel is a staple for any breakfast was non-existent or hard to find. We didn't see any for three or four days and when we did, when I went back for a second glass, I got more water than juice. No other to be found anywhere.

The same coffee and juice stations are being used by both, the service staff and the passengers. There were times that I came upon a line for coffee because we were waiting for the staff member to fill the pots and pitchers. The last time this happened, I went for a cup of coffee while she was still there and found the coffee was empty. I told her that is was empty and she told me to go to the other station. I asked if I could get a cup from the pot on her cart and was again told to go to the other station. Why don't they fill them in the kitchen area??

The fresh sandwiches from the deli rates an A+ and the pre cooked hamburgers from the grill rate an F.

We booked this cruise to tour Europe and we enjoyed that very much. We also enjoyed the entertainment including the casino action. Beyond that, I have to say that this was not what we would consider a "Fun Ship".

Thank you for taking the time to read about our experience and I hope these complaints will prompt some improvements on the Carnival Liberty.