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Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Legend
by Tom - October 17, 2010
Carnival Cruise Lines.
Reference: 17 - 24 October 2010
Booking: 82v7x1
Ship: Legend
Departure: Tampa. Fl.

I have tried to get with Carnival Cruise line with no success. Every time I call, your staff just sends me on to someone else until someone on your staff hangs up on me. I would like someone from Carnival to cominsate me for not getting what I paid for before I have to deny the charges with my credit card company.

Let's start with I boarded in the Grand Cayman's because Delta Smiles Air did not get me to Tampa in time. Delay after Delay. I boarded and had to wait for some one to come get me. At the front desk I was handed my room key and was pointed in the direction of the room. Legend # 7260. I was not offered any help just a point ( 5 floors up ). I then looked at my reservation for dinner that I made and was confirmed for 6:00 PM. Carnival had on my card 8:45 PM. I told them this was a mistake and was told " No I was given a request and it was not granted " I had to go back to my room and get my confirmation in writing and give them a copy. " My first excursion was canceled and I watched as several went off. I almost missed my second excursion because no one took my photo when I arrived and never told me they were to do so. Again I was pointed in the direction of the photo station, this time into a dead end.

The room rattled and squeaked and every time I called the front desk I was given no help and The front desk made it sound like it was my own fault and the fault of other guest. Next to the room was the staff service room and some would congregate and hide there. When the staff moved the service carts they would park them in front of my room and bang them into the wall outside. One day I was walking out to the balcony and just as I stepped out a staff member starting spraying the balcony and me. I ordered room service one morning and never got it. I was sent through Customs twice by Carnival, When it came time to get off I was told to do so after Customs cleared me but Carnival would not let me off. After about an hour some lady with Carnival said " everyone off and go for it ".

It was a mad house of and people were pushing and running. don't go to the Buffet after 7:30 AM and don't plan on eating something when you get back from land. The buffet shuts down most of the food and what is left is not eatable and the lines are around the boat. I had to tell the FD Manager to mark my room as " stay away " I told him I did not want any staff walking through my room, I did not want to see him or anyone associated with the boat again. I was not ever able to get any sleep from all the interruptions for the boat and it's staff. I do say the Restaurant manager Ken was the best of the staff. Every time he say me he knew my name. I will never step foot on a Carnival Cruise again and using the Delta Skymiles Cruise Department again " NEVER ". Every time I called the Cruise Department and Carnival Cruise I was given a recording, put on hold or given the " We cant help you " Statement or " you are on your own " or " Cancel - we will still charge you ".

Call me and I will fill you out on the other problems I have with this bunch of ......

[phone number deleted for safety]

Crosby @ aCharlestonHome . com

Tom Crosby