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Carnival Legend
by showcat
Western Caribbean -- Singles Cruise
August 25, 2007

It was my second time on the Carnival Legend ship. I cruised with Vacations to Go singles group and some girls I meet on previous cruises with that company.

Our ports were supposed to be Grand Cayman, Belize,Costa Maya and Cozumel. Do to hurrricane Dean hitting our ports the previous week our itinerary was switched to Key West, Ocho Rios and still included Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Carnival did not announce any changes untill the Friday before the cruise, we set sail on Sunday. I think they did this because they don't want people to cancel.

The ship is still in good shape. I had my first balcony cabin. I had to remind myself to use it and ordered some room service breakfasts to eat outside. It was nice but I think I will just stick to oceanview window cabins, much cheaper and one can always go up on deck where the action is anyway.

The food and service were good. I recall all the sea food was very good, better then the steaks. I had Prime Rib one night it was good but made the mistake of ordering medium rare it was too bloody for me. You could only order it medium rare or medium well, I should have gotten it medium well.I cruised with our Matre D Joesph on a previous cruise on the Carnival Pride it was good to see him again.


Key West: Key West was great. I did the Ghosts and Legends tour. Ghost tours are a hobby of mine, and this was one of the best I've ever been on. Very scary in broad daylight just stay close to the guide so you can hear the storys. I also took a photo that had an orb in it, which is how ghosts photograph. If you like this sort of thing I'd highly recommend this excursion. After it was over I had a bit of free time I headed into town and meet my group at Sloppy Joes bar. Then decided to get some frozen Key lime pie on a stick, yummy! I also had time to do a bit of shopping. I found a jewelry store and brought a real cool necklace made from a sterling silver coin from the ship wreak Atocha that sunk off the coast of Keywest in the 1600's and was discoverd in 1980. It was wrapped in 14k gold and has a certificate of Authenticity. i was very pleased with my purchase at is over 370 years old and quite a conversation piece.

Ocho Rios: I've been here before it's beautiful, I decided to forgoe a ships excursion for a relaxing beach day. We headed over to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville bar which is very touristy but cool. It has a swim up bar, a pool with water slide, and is located in a tourist village that keeps the local venders from bugging you. The prices however in the shops here are much higher then you pay elsewhere in Jamicia where you can bargain but I didn't go here to shop. It is right next to a pretty private beach that costs $3 to go on, and more money if you want to use the trampoline or water slides. The DJ was good, and our group danced several of the line dances. I ate a jerk chicken wrap that was not very good. Danced, swam and had a nice day without spending a fortune.

Grand Cayman: I attempted the beginner scuba dive here not with Carnival, but with Shore trips. In my opinion having about a 15 to 20 minute brief orientation is not enough time to learn to properly scuba dive. The ship wreak site we were supposed to visit was quite a good swim from the pier where we dove from. Neither I nor the other man on my excursion made it out the wreak, I think it was for people with better swimming skills. Im a pretty stong swimmer in a pool but in the ocean with currents and lots of heavy cumbersome equiptment it's a different story. I saw a few fish, got some water in my regulator, which freaked me out, and lost my instuctor at one point who swam off without bothering to notice I wasn't with him. Reminded me of the movie "Open Water". I floated my vest, rose to the surface, and decided to call it a day. In the future I will either take the long course next time, or stick to snorkling. I did see a couple cool fish up close. We ate lunch at a place on the water, did some quick shopping and headed back to our ship.

Cozumel: I had planned to do a beach day here but since it was my only chance to see some Mayan ruins I opted for the trip to the mainland to see Talum. The weather was hot and sunny the seas were calm so the 45 minute fast ferry I've heard can be a bumpy ride was smooth as glass. I actually feel asleep on the ferry ride. It's followed by a 45 minute bus ride on a nice airconditioned tour bus to Talum. Talum is beautiful, very mystical, historic place. It was interesting but you cannot climb or explore the ruins just look at them. The prettiest part is the cliff overlooking the most pristine beach below. The view is breathtaking. We had a bit of time left to grab some lunch here and do some shopping. I bargained and got a good price on a Mayan Mask carved from mother of pearl and gem stones.

Singles Activities

The pre-cruise party in Tampa was a lot of fun. We went to Bahama Mamas which has 2 other bars attached. We had about 200 singles it was a blast.

Line Dance Class: Was excellent. I've never danced as much as I did on this cruise. We learned the Cupid Shuffle as well as some other line dances.Our group was always visable on the dance floors at the bars and disco.

Single Pictionary: A great time, I was team captain.

Private Pirate Party: Most people went all out with their costumes, it was a very good time.

There were some other activitys but I didn't participate in them so I won't review them.

Although I was very disappointed by losing two of the ports I most wanted to visit, we still had a very nice vacation. If your going to travel during hurricane season at least a cruise ship can be re routed, which is better then being stuck trying to evacuate a land based resort if a hurricane hits!