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Carnival Legend
by Sahiba!
Panama Canal
December 18, 2006

Ship: Most Carnival ships are really bad, i hear this form frineds and from the one other ship i havew been on. They are really dirty i hear. But this hsip is probably the best i have ever seen. The lobby is huge! and the theme is rennaisance and art. Thats all i have to say. Art. There are many beautiful paintings evrywhere and many glass sculptures and things. GPOing on the lobby elevators all the way up, you will notice a massive but beautiful man statue of liberty. The ship was also pretty clean and all too! Overall, the ship is great - 10 out of 10. Also, there were many Christmas decor this time since this cruise was going on during christmas.

Food: Food was pretty good. I ac tually did not eat much this cruise, but the dinenr was uaully good. I mysalef had a steak each night. Each night there werre different steaks, ands all but like 2 were good. Sometimes oit was undercooked. I dont know too much about the food, so i would say 7 out of 10.

Entertainment; The entertainment on the ship was ok. The shows were good and all, but they can be a bit better. The cruise direcotr is different tho. Hes not ;like the one that talks to people and all liek the others. His assistants are good though.One thing thAT i saw was unique was the hypnosis show. They have a comedy hypnosis show which was really good. The comdedy was ok, but he did do many racist jokes. Especially to my family. Sicne there was crhsitmas, there was a big christmas show going on. It was pretty good, with Christmas dances and this si where all the little camp carnival kdis showed their stuff.

Camp Carnival: I am a teen myself. The activities for us were good enough but the teens on this crusie never went to them. Firstly,m they souneded boring. Next, almost all of them is tied into with the 9-11 year olds. Jsut remmeber that, the 9-11's share with 12-14.

Pools: Tehre are 4 pools and a huge great slide. The pools are a good size and are fun. There are big jaccuzzis near them. the sliden ois the best tho. it does not land in a pool, bu its still good. It turns aroudn twice, then makes some long turns that accelerates your speed. Then you go to the end, where you send alot, ALOT, of water at the spectators right next to the sldie exit.

Itinerary: This cruise was great. first stop was panama. I took an excursion that was basically an all out tour of panama. It had described the city. then it went to the locks, whochw ere amazing. NExt it twent to a famous hotel and form there we took boats and went on one of the biggest lakes of the canal. What made this special was we went to a native village, with antives still there. And these people dont have elctricity1 they still barel have clothing and all! Here the chief will speak to you in spanish with a translator. He will tell you about the village and how they make their buildings. he also talks about culture, and the kids. Next, there are two dances with the gir;ls. Theres one more dance where you can go up and join in!If you know spanish, you can talkw itht he natives. many knew spanish.

NExt was coasta rica. I took the zipline tour thigny. Tehre are mroe than one zipline tours but i say - high there sounded the ebst. it wasnt jsut ziplining, but also a gondola tour! It was actually considered the best and the whole company had a purpose for its making, which was like helping the environment and all. So first,you get in the bus whoichw as highly comfortabkle. You get a tour of the city then a two hour drive to the rainforest. you can see a video abpout the forest on the way there. then you get there, walk around a bit, then strap on for the zip;lining. This was meant for begginers, and it is nton scary at all. I was about to crap my panta b4 i went on but i didnt get scared at all on it! the ziplining is 45 mintues, but it fewels like 5 min. for some reason.After that, you can go to anopther facility in the forest. We saw the worlds second most poisonous snake there. Other animals there include these poisonous lizards,keaf cutter ants, which were really interesting, and beautiful butterfiels. There are also sloths and jaguars. And these animals arent in an exhibit! That snake was found in a bush right on the trail!!! Next you take a gondola ride which was an hour. It was really informative and itneresting. U see alot about the forest. And this all sint fake like in disney!

Belize i think was the ebst port. Theres alot to do. Scuba dive oin the second ;largest barrier reef, cave tubing, or offroading in land rovers. Thats what w e did. We took a tour that went in a emssed up bus. But it was acool. it added to the adventure. We ahd a hilarious tour of the city, whichw as very itneresting. Then we got to the rainforest, took a break there, and got in these land rovers that YOU can drive if u know how tod rive stick and have a license! And this is like what you see in commerical,s driving through a river and a pool of mud! Its aweosome! I=you drive to an ancient mayan cavem see some stuff, then go out into the savannah. Its all a peaceful drive. then you got o the companies own farm, ahve some fruits and some other belizian food. Free drinks. And, if you want, you can pick out any orange form their porange trees. these were the best i jave tasted in ym life. Next, we went on a bpoat thagt drove through the country. We saw many animals, like those huge iguanas, nice brids, and crocodiles! It then drives throguh the city, under three bridges. 1 of them was made in the 20's/ it was famous because it was one of a kind. Its hard to explain what it dus, but its really really rewally really low. you have to crouch down when u are udner it. if didnt croush down, my head woudl hit the bridege fb4 going under! Then the boat takes u tpo the ship dso you dont ahve to wrory about tenders! But its kind of a bproblem because belize has good shopping.

so the itnerayr was 8. best place 1. belize, 2. coasta rica, 3. panama.

So this cruise was my est. i give it an 8 out of 10