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Carnival Legend
by Thoth
Western Caribbean
February 21, 2006

After sailing aboard the Carnival Legend to Central America Feb. 2006, I must say I'm impressed with the direction that the line is going. Perhaps I detect a trend towards a more refined cruising experience aboard more elegant ships, compared to the past. She seems to have more in common with her half sister HAL ships than she does with the older "neon" Carnival. The legend for one thing is simply beautiful offering so many things to love. As a lover of anything to do with classical mythology, the Legend's theme appealed to me. The extensive use of granite tiles and mosaics throughout the ship evokes the supposed ambience of ancient Greece and Rome. The mythological iconography throughout the ship such the Colossus of Rhodes and the Sirens, was worth a role of film. The glass sculptures in the stairways and in the dining room lighting seemed to be priceless. My favorite spot in the whole ship was the glass stairs going to the Golden Fleece Supper Club. Wow!

Some say that the service and food aboard Carnival is substandard. Not on this trip! The service staffs were not servants, but seemed more like friends. I got a little chocked up when we had to say goodbye. I took a nasty fall and then received both a letter and a phone call from the courteous purser's desk In the Truffles dining room, the deserts stood out as my favorite among the wonderfully prepared foods.

The entertainment was simply outstanding! This one show called "Take 2" was perhaps the best show Iā?Tve ever seen on a ship. Something new for me was the backstage tour in which we met the lighting, sound, and special effects crew which help pull off these truly magical shows. Music for just about ever taste could be found somewhere. The classical music for one was very much up to standards. Afternoon tea was a highlight of mine.

The only things that could stand improving are the comedy acts should be less risque, the pools are too small, and there seems to be a lull time in the evenings for late dinner guest. It would be nice if they would place some chairs on the teakwood promenade deck for nostalgia's sake. The demographic makeup was heavy on families and older couples with very few rowdy guests. . She didn't appear to be a single's ship since it would seem I was the only one to show up for the single/solo meeting. All things considered, the trip was among a great group of people on a classy ship.