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Carnival Legend
by Karl
Southern Caribbean
October 24, 2005

Although the Carnival Legend ship looked nice and was impressive inside, our decision to have our fist cruise experience with Carnival Cruise Lines was a mistake.  We booked an 8-day southern caribbean cruise departing Monday 10/24/05 from Ft Lauderdale, FL at 4:00pm.  Unfortunately, when this cruise was booked in January, we weren't able to foresee huriccane Wilma which rolled through Florida on the same day.  We received a call from Carnival on Sunday night before our flight from Chicago notifying us of the itinerary change from Monday to Tuesday.  Relying on this information, we changed our flights and flew out of Chicago on Monday night into Charlotte, NC where we would board a connection into Miami and according to the Carnival rep, take a Carnival/Greyhound shuttle into Ft Lauderdale.  When we arrived in Charlotte, NC about 12:00am we were notified that the flight to Miami was cancelled and we immidiately notified Carnival, where we were once again assured the ship was leaving on Tuesday 4:00pm.  We decided to rent a car; we drove for 12 hours through the night and upon arriving in Ft Lauderdale, we were upset to learn that Carnival had changed the departure from Ft Lauderdale at 4:00pm to Miami at 4:00pm.  We had to drive an additional distance to Miami and return the car at the rental station where we were charged additional fees for an unauthorized drop location and refueling (due to the hurricane, power outages across the Miami-Dade counties closed all the gas stations).  When finally arriving at the port in Miami on Tuesday, we were once again shocked to see approximately 150 other cruise passengers sitting on the sidewalk with there luggage.  Carnival sent a representative to notify all of us that the ship's departure has once again been altered from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon and that the cruise would not be departing.  We had to book a hotel overnight in Miami to make the cruise departure the next day.

To recap, on Tuesday we were in contact with Carnival at least three times and each time we were falsely informed; 1st we were told it would leave from Ft Lauderdale, 2nd we were told it would leave from Miami, and once we got there we were told it would leave on Wed.  After the disappointing cruise, we wrote to Angela Chin at their "Guest Relations" department and were notified a week later that Carnival would not reimburse us for any of our additional expenditures which totalled over $400 in additon to the Carnival expenses and airfare.  NO REIMBURSEMENT FROM CARNIVAL.  BUYER BEWARE.  Instead they shortened the itinerary from an 8 to a 6 day, changed all the ports of call which degraded the cruise experience, and still charged us the going rate for a southern carribean trip (which it wasn't anymore) and subtracted 2 days from the fair.  There is a complete lack of communication and a failure of customer service within this company.  What's the moral of the story kiddies; spend a little more and don't go for the "value" cruise lines.  They don't care about making you happy.