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Carnival Legend
by Paula
Panama Canal
January 14, 2005

The primary reason I am writing is due to Linda O'Brien's review.

Embarkation process is what it is...I thought it was efficient, but could use improvement. I was so happy to be on board!

The piano music and decor when stepping aboard was quite nice, but when examining further, and being on board for a longer period of time, I found the urn theme to be jarring-and a bit strange! However, I found the service by bar servers to be excellent. Especially the internet cafe! So nice-but watch the times which he is available.

The dining room was again-quite overdone, but our service was attentive. I had a problem with the salads and entrees arriving at the same time, with the entrees waiting underneath plastic. Ew!! Truthfully I would say the food was not well prepared. Our steaks were underdone on every occasion, and the shrimp were tiny. (Oh yes, Linda, I know that Vegas does it better!!)

We had a lovely experience in the Golden Fleece night club and I would highly recommend this dining experience to anyone, even though there is a (again I hate this term $25 per head) surcharge of $25 per person.

But, when it comes to perks in your cabin, unfortunately, your apparently lacking travel agent is responsible for that. And responsible for not doing her/his research on the best cruises for your young people traveling. I provided $50 per cabin credits in my group's cabins for their enjoyment, anyway their wished.

My best advice is to ask questions. Do you want the Vegas (although Linda seems to think it's not up to par) environment? Go Carnival. Mass with Class? RCCL. Research your travel agent-and make sure they understand your wishes...if that travel agent does not, move on-find someone who cares!!!

For me, I enjoyed my exotic western cruise on Legend. But, there are few for which I would recommend it. I plan to go back to Celebrity and others, which will provide me the cruise experience I would rather have. I did not regret the configuration of the doors-a plastic chair propped in there provided us the tropical breeze. Elegant, no. Efficient, yes.

Be in touch if you have any questions. Be well!