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Carnival Legend
by Shan Rose
Southern Caribbean
November 19, 2004

My husband and I decided to drive to Ft. lauderdale the day before the cruise. Coming from Atlanta, Ga it took 11 hours. We arrived at 4pm at our Hotel. This hotel was a 1950's style and had been refurbished. The furniture was dark mahogany along with the sleigh bed headboards. Our room looked out to the Ocean....

We woke up around 8 am and had our breakfast. We left around 9:40 am and was thru the "Port of Everglades gate at 10:00 am. The lady at the gate said we were too early and that we would have to wait with our luggage for a few hours before they even let us in. As we drove up to where the Carnival Legend was we proceeded to take our luggage out of the back and I was planning on waiting for my husband as he parked the car. Right then a Porter came and said he could take our luggage to the ship...We were both in shock....My husband parked and came back and we then went into the building. It took only a couple of minutes before the Carnival representative checked all of our information. We then took a seat and waited until they let us in. That took about 45 minutes. It couldn't have been easier!

Once on the ship I immediately noticed the dark and low ceilings as we approached the elevators. My first thought was an Asian feel to the design. As we got on the elevator I noticed it was very narrow...All of us were going to the "Lido" deck where the Buffet was being served. The food was served in 4 different stations. One was Asian food..the other was a Pizza Station....another was a deli station where there were sandwiches...and the main one was American with meat, potatoes and veg's. Throughout my stay on the legend the only vegetable I ever saw at the Unicorn Cafe was zucchini. The breakfast everyone morning was the same for 8 days. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage, french toast (sometimes) hash browns. The drinks for everyone was apple juice,lemonade, tea, coffee. The deserts not only had NO taste but NO sugar in them...I am a sweets addict and for me not to eat them they had to be bad (and they were)

The food in the Dining Room was a step up but not by much. The dishes were extremely small. There were many nights where my husband left still hungry. The only bread that was served was french bread or rolls. They were brought around (not left on your table) Thanksgiving night it was formal night so my husband and I not bringing any formal wear had to eat at the Unicorn Cafe....Once again I was disappointed. They had Turkey, gravy, Yams, zucchini roasted in garlic and a small bowl of cranberry sauce. For desert they had apple pie and this yellow cake with a vanilla sauce you could pour over it....I WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THIS MEAL!! They didn't even have mashed potatoes or stuffing. It was the worst Thanksgiving I had ever had. I told my husband that we needed to go the the Dining Room for Breakfast and Lunches. They were somewhat better...

The cabin was probably the one good thing about this ship. It was plenty big and the shower head in the bathroom was great. This was our first Balcony and we absolutely loved it.

I went to a couple of "teas" and enjoyed myself. Now that was where I could give my taste buds something to talk about....the small sandwiches and deserts were very good.....

I also enjoyed all of the activities. The arts and crafts were fun...the art auction was great. I walked away with 3 free prints. Everyone who registered got a free print valued at $100. No need to even bid on paintings.

My last comment is this: Would I go on another Carnival? Probably not because food on a ship is important to me as I'm sure with alot of people. We prefer Royal Caribbean as their ships are not only beautiful but the food is much better...along with the Entertainment. Though the food wasn't up to Par we still had a good time...We met alot of nice people.