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Carnival Legend
by Jolie
Western Caribbean
January 21, 2003

We sailed the Carninval Legend from Jan. 21st through Jan. 29th. The Western Carribean.

Arrival; we arrived at the pier around 3:00 , this made boarding very easy and fast, no problems.

Cabin; Wonderful! We were in 8A with a balcony, large enough bathroom and lots of room. I would never recommend an extended balcony because the regular balconys overlook the extended ones therefore not much privacy on the extended ones.

Cabin Service; The Steward was there anytime you asked for him, He did a wonderful job. one thing..we had something go missing on our first day, it was a cover from a Palm Pilot that had to be removed. We opted not to say anything to the cruise people but did report it to our travel agent who was travelling with us. At first it made us a little wary of our steward but we then thought it could not have been him because as the week went on we saw how attentive he was. No one but staff could have been in our cabin.

Food; the Unicorn Cafe was awesome, the food was great and such a variety ! the lido deck grill did yummy burgers and ribs to die for. The Truffles Dining Room was nothing to rave about. The Golden Fleece Supper Club was worth every cent.

Dining Areas;The Truffles Dining Room was terrible in my opinion. The table I sat at was long and did not invite conversational dining in the least. The service was noisy, rushed & unprofessional. Why they have a formal night,dressed to the nines and then perform the macarena in the middle of dinner is beyond me, the take awy from the "special" aspect of the captains dinner. The table was bused before everyone began the next course, the friction between the head waiter and the assistant was so thick it cast gloom on the whole dining room experience. The Inspiration had this dining room beat by far. We had our dinner in the Unicorn one night and dined at the Golden Fleece supper club twice and joined people we met on board at their table twice as well.

The Golden Fleece was without a doubt wonderful. We booked 3 nights but had to cancel one just because we would have exploded. The service attentive and professional. One would think proper dining room service should be in both dining rooms.There is 15% added to all bar bills including your wine, we enjoyed an expensive bottle of wine which put the gratuity on the wine alone at $ 22.00 , they then leave a space on the check for more gratuity. :-)

Entertainment; We enjoyed the Piano Bar a few nights, "Frank" did a great job on including everyone. It did seem however that the night seemed ro revolve around the few at the bar rather than the room as a whole.

Satchmos was great fun and the band there was awesome.

Follies , the stage room was so beautiful, a wonderful venue to see the Vegas style shows. Firebird Lounge, We never spent anytime there but did peek in and was very impressed with the style of the room.

Lido Deck, Big mistake in my opinion, a great stage for the regge band that plays during the day and for the poolside games, but then they have the high rise hot tub right in front of it, you can not see the stage from most parts of the lido deck,the lay out did not encourage dancing or group participation at all.

Ports; Belize was beautiful, we booked cave tubing with Reggie and had a ball. the shopping was limited, the people wonderful.

Limon, Great place if you are looking for shoes. People warm and friendly.

Panama; We will be sailing Crystal through the canal in we didnt do any of the canal tours. The shopping was the least exciting of the trip , the duty free area was closed seeing how it was Sunday in port.

TidBits; Too many annoucements, Great Patio Service, Handsome Captian, Ship was very clean & new, nice shops on board, fast elevators.

All in all it was a great vacation, who can complain when it is -20 at home and you are sailing the Carribean ?

Happy Cruising