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Carnival Cruise Lines

by Pam Carlson
April 20, 2006

This was our first time cruising. My husband and I brought our twin teenage boys (15 year olds). Embarkation went smooth and a lunch buffet was waiting for us on the main deck. It took at least a day to get orientated to where everything was on the ship. Our indoor cabin was small but fine. The bed was very comfortable (the boys had bunk beds that pulled out of the wall)and there was a slight rocking of the ship which lulled you to sleep.

Breakfast buffets were always the same food (It's almost like they took yesterdays leftovers and reheated them!) Free drinks were very syrupy. We dined for dinner in the main dining room which always had great food and friendly waiters. Get used to accents. Everyone who worked on the ship had a different one! The shows were excellent. The negatives were mostly for our sons. Only one of the three pools were open (no water until the second day as they use sea water).Only four feet deep and jammed packed like the jacuzzis.

The promised tons of activities for the O2 teen club were almost non-existant. After checking several times there, nothing was happening and no one was there. Everytime I saw the director she and two teens were eating! Where was the music,movies, games etc...mentioned in the brochure? My sons were bored to death almost the whole four days. The other negative besides the sail and sign account was the ultra short Shore excursion. We had 3 and a half hours to go through the ecological park we chose in Playa Del Carmen. We didn't even have time to swim! Definitely not worth the $356 we paid! We were very disappointed overall and did not feel we got a good value for the money.