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by Nick Kozloff
Western Caribbean
September 3, 2001

Great experience on the Imagination. My second cruise now, and getting more addicted. I had a great time on and off the ship, I will give the positive things first about the ship and then the negatives.

First the Ship was fairly easy to get around, and the service was great. I'm a fan of this size ship. The Triumph is a bit too big for me, The Imagination was perfect. From a scale to 1-10, I'd say the food was about an 8. Overall really good food in the buffets, the Pizza was excellent, even at 4 in the morning the pizza was still good! Our table of 6 in the Spirit dinning room was the absolute best. We all hit it off the very first night and it really made the trip, we always looked forward to going to dinner every night and seeing the people at our table.

Our ship was suppose to go to Grand Cayman but due to a unfortunate medical emergency our itinerary had gotten changed to Cozumel, personally It really didn't bother me at that point,(Seeing Cozumel in the past) I knew we would have a great time at Carlos and Charlie's and we sure did. Carlos and Charlie's is absolutely wild, Our entire table from the spirit dinning room all got together and had the best time, highlight of trip! During the day we rented mo Peds (highly recommend this) to go to different beaches and seeing the island a bit more then I did last time I was in Cozumel. Saved a lot in cab costs.

Calica was the other port of call we stopped at, we took a taxi to Playa Del Carmen, which was a great idea, because the beaches were beautiful. we did some body surfing and just basically relaxed in the sun, very relaxing day. I heard Xcaret and Tulum was really beautiful from a variety of people. Be sure to bring your Carnival towels to Playa del Carmen, because they charge you 3 dollars to sit in a hammock, or any thing that has arm rests for that matter. The deck space on the ship was great, we enjoyed laying out by the aft of the ship, it was beautiful weather the entire time, the band was jamming to some Bob Marley, couldn't of asked for better sea days. The Casino was rather large, I was impressed, but you had to come at the right times to get a black jack table. It seemed like they could of spread things out a little better in the casino, but overall it was pretty nice.

There really weren't too many things that wrong on the cruise but If I just Had to Gripe I would say the entertainment wasn't as good as the previous ship I was on(Triumph) and the ship's decor was a bit older looking then ones I've seen. Mr. John Heald was by far a better Cruise director then the one on the Imagination. That's about all the negatives I really ever encountered throughout the duration of our cruise. Overall I give the imagination a 9 out of 10 It truly was the fun ship I will definitely cruise Carnival again in the future.